Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas of change

In the 22 years that Ken and I have been married we have only spent one Christmas on our own. Until this year. With Jordan on his mission and my parents on their mission we decided to stay in Houston. It was nice to not have the stress of travel and packing and we were able to do a few activities that we miss because we're gone, but overall I prefer the big family celebration. Yes I know it's crazy, loud, and hectic but I really missed being together with all my family. Ken's mom and her husband live just a mile from my parents so they are always part of the festivities. I miss the traditions, the sitting around visiting, catching up on each other's lives, the cousins playing/fighting, the goofy family, the lack of sleep and coming home to a big pile of Christmas cards. Thanks to great friends the Adelmans for a fun cookie decorating/caroling FHE and the Ortons for the great Christmas eve celebration. My sister Amy and her husband and kids came down Christmas Day and it was great to spend time together. I realize that as life changes and especially as the kids get older it's up to me to make those special memories no matter where Christmas is.

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