Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paige's Girl Scout Silver award

Paige has been in Girl Scouts since 2004. She joined with a friend as a Brownie and has been active in two different troops with great leaders. She has been able to camp, learn new skills by working on badges, be a program aide for younger girl scouts, and serve others. Paige has worked these past two years on completing the requirements for her Silver award which is the 2nd highest award for girls in Girl Scouts.

Her troop participated together in a Take Action project of writing the script and filming a video for younger kids on bullying, internet safety, individuality, and being a friend. Each girl was then responsible to do a project accumulating 50 hrs. of service. Paige chose to work with a local in house treatment facility for abused and troubled youth 11-18. She did whatever was needed and was often complimented on her willingness to help and for doing a good job. I went with her each time as youth cannot volunteer without a adult if they are under 18. Paige helped with organizing donated clothes, cleaning out a storage facility, filing, preparing for a "prom" held for the residents and even made fleece blankets for the resident's store where they can buy things through their good behavior. It was awesome to watch as she learned from this experience.

This was a storage area of old residents things and donated clothing Before

There was many hours of sorting, organizing and throwing away

The closet After. The items were easily accessible to the residents and counselors

The 9 fleece blankets Paige made for the residents.

At the end of it all the troop had a bridging ceremony since they were moving from Cadettes to Senior Girl Scouts and they received their awards.

Paige and the girls in her troop

Paige and her leader receiving her awards

There was a actual bridge where the troop meets, which was perfect for the bridging part of the ceremony

Paige with her display board showing some of the things she did to accomplish her Silver Award

Paige and her leader Martha MacRae-she is awesome. She and her family have just moved to London for her husband's job and the troop is going to stay together through Skype

Paige and her Silver award. Awesome job Paige, now onto Gold

Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 Barker's Ridge Swim team

Paige swam on the community swim team again this year. Lexi decided she did not want to. They started their practices in April after school-We actually had cool weather until then so the pool was a bit frigid. Paige did well and even made it to the Meet of Champs in freestyle and breaststroke. She is the fastest 13-14 girls in breaststroke on our team.

The goofy girls-Paige and Quincy waiting to swim

Paige waiting for the starting signal

Paige ready to go

A close up -fresh out of the water. The night meets were nice because we didn't have the blistering sun the whole time. The kids were more lively since they were fully awake.

Several of the 13-14 girls waiting for their time to swim at the Meet of Champs. There's a lot of down time at swim meets so the kids learn to bring things to entertain themselves. At this age is usually the ipod.

Paige after the awards ceremony.

End of school year 2010-2011

To finish up some May happenings. The end of the school year is always crazy and it seems like there is something happening every night. This year was no exception even though I'm down to two in school.

Paige was given a special award for her accomplishments in Principles of Human Science, it's a expanded Home Ec. type class. They not only cover cooking and sewing but also things such as budgeting, self-esteem, bullying, interior design. Paige loved the class and did very well.

The end of the year Band concerts. Lexi plays the bassoon and just started last August. It's amazing how much they learn and progress in just a short time. She has done really well and also got an award for her accomplishments.

Paige on stage ready to go, she enjoys the xylophone and marimba the most in percussion and will play those in high school. It's hard to believe this was her last jr. high performance.

This year Paige participated in Volleyball and track. She enjoyed the challenges each presented and did well in both. She received her certificate at the athletic banquet where all the athletes are recognized for their participation.

This is Paige all dolled up for the 8th grade dance. She is a beautiful young woman and has so many exciting things to look forward to. The theme for the dance was Hollywood Nights. The kids had a great time and I enjoyed helping with the planning and being part of this fun night.

I had to throw this picture in. This is our carpool. I do the jr. high run and pick these kids up and take them with the girls. This was the last day of school and while they were excited to be done they weren't quite awake at the time.