Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 Barker's Ridge Swim team

Paige swam on the community swim team again this year. Lexi decided she did not want to. They started their practices in April after school-We actually had cool weather until then so the pool was a bit frigid. Paige did well and even made it to the Meet of Champs in freestyle and breaststroke. She is the fastest 13-14 girls in breaststroke on our team.

The goofy girls-Paige and Quincy waiting to swim

Paige waiting for the starting signal

Paige ready to go

A close up -fresh out of the water. The night meets were nice because we didn't have the blistering sun the whole time. The kids were more lively since they were fully awake.

Several of the 13-14 girls waiting for their time to swim at the Meet of Champs. There's a lot of down time at swim meets so the kids learn to bring things to entertain themselves. At this age is usually the ipod.

Paige after the awards ceremony.

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