Friday, January 23, 2009

The Writer

this last semester Taylor has been taking a dual credit history class. He had the assignment to write a essay about Benjamin Franklin and his contributions that have benefitted our lives. Taylor spent a fair amount of time on this. This is really tough for Taylor because he hates to write essays/stories/papers. He turned in his paper and continued on his merry way. Last week he found out that he had won 3rd place in a Sons of American Revolution contest. He also got a $100 savings bond. He/We didn't know there was any contest but it's great to see that when he really tries that he is able to accomplish something to be proud of. Way to go Tay!!!

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Christenots said...

Congratulations, Tay. That is great - $$ besides. We are so happy for you and proud besides. This is just the beginning.Blessings, Gramma and Papa.