Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Garden

Over the years I have attempted to grow some vegatables. Mostly tomatoes, nothing like a fresh tomato sliced and a bit of salt. I have never been very successful. In fact that is Ken's joke every Spring. "Are you going to try tomatoes this year"? Well after seeing a friend's garden and remembering that my dad did grow boxes with great results, I decided to go for it. This way I don't have to try and deal with Texas clay. So here are our garden boxes. Ken built the frame from landscape timbers. We lined them with weedblock to keep the grass out and filled them with planting soil. The kids each got to pick what they wanted to have in the garden. (Better chances of help) We got some plants from seedlings and some we went to the seeds. We have 4 types of tomatoes (Paige & me), jalapenos (Taylor's choice), cucumbers(Lexi's), Orange bell pepper, squash, watermelon, carrots, corn and beans. So now we wait. We'll let you know how the garden grows.


Melissa said...

It's looking good. Way to get it started & Good Luck!!!

Denae Aleece said...

Gosh Taylor is such a goof ball! That looks sooo fun! I'm going to have a garden at my house when I have my own house :)

Christenots said...

If your garden is 1/2 as good as Dad's was it will be Great! He had all the right nutrients from Loma Linda to feed them. You will do well. I want great tomatoes when we come. Blessings, Mom