Tuesday, July 28, 2009

China cabinet

For the past 22 years I have wanted a china cabinet to put my pretty, breakable things where I can enjoy them and still protect them. I have saved and looked and never found really what I was looking for. I happen to find this at Home Goods-a housewares division of Marshall's/TJ Maxx. It's taller than most which is great with our 10' ceilings and it even has storage. I immediately dug out the boxes of my things and filled it up. It is so fun to finally enjoy these things rather than having them stored in boxes. It was definitely worth the wait.

Milk glass from my grandma. A depression era bowl that was a wedding gift

All my knick knacks have a home now.


Good produce that has a great flavor is not always readily available. Unless you know someone that has fresh produce. One of my son's friends helps his grandparents every year with their garden. Last year and this year he brought me a box of tomatoes. I love a fresh from the garden tomato sliced on a plate with a little salt. Yum. We eat as many as we can and what we can't we can. We make salsa. Last year was the first time I had done some and my family loved it so we decided to make some more.

Really fresh tomatoes

My helpers-Paige and Lexi

Letting the salsa cook just a bit to get all the flavors together

There is nothing like the satifaction of seeing the end product after all the slicing, dicing, and chopping. The best part will be in the winter having fresh salsa.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

From the mission field

We just got some pictures from Jordan. It's great to see the areas and people he is serving. It's hard to believe he has been out 8 1/2 months already. Time flies when you're working hard.

Jordan's 20th birthday brownies. He was still in Banning which isn't too far from the mission office. My brother-in-law Rob and nephew Chase made the brownies and took them to the mission office. They delivered the brownies to Jordan in time for his birthday. It's nice to have connections.

Jordan with some of the local wildlife in Banning.

Jordan overlooking the great metropolis of 29 Palms. This is his 3rd area. He said the area reminded him of Arizona and I can see why. One of the first nights there he and his companion got stuck in the sand and got pulled out by a girl. They have since gotten a 4 x 4 truck.

Jordan on one of the 29 Palms.

Jordan and his companion Elder Komiti with one of their investigators.

It's wonderful to know that Jordan is doing the Lord's work and serving the people in California. He obviously hasn't lost any of his zest for life and is still Mr. Goofy. The Lord has a lot of confidence in the abilities of these Elders, and a sense of humor.

Swim Team

Both Paige and Lexi have swam for the Marlins for the past 4 years. I wish I had taken pictures at the beginning of the season before Lexi was out with her broken arm. The girls have done a great job and really improved their swimming. Paige's best stroke is breast stroke.

Paige waiting on the ready bench for her turn to swim

There's lots of down time between races so lots of socializing with friends. Paige with Andrea and Quincy

Paige lined up waiting for her turn.

Paige waiting for the announcer's directions

"Swimmer's take your mark"

Swimming the breast stroke for the medley relay.

Paige doing her thing

The Medley Relay team at the Meet of Champs for Division II. Quincy, Madison, Paige and Jenae

Paige at the Meet of Champs. Sorry but I can't figure out how to rotate the video. Just cock your head to the left.

The cast is off!!!!!

Last week I asked Lexi what would happen if the Dr. told her she would have to keep the cast on. She told me she would scream at him. Lucky for him that she is all done with the cast. You can tell from this picture that she is excited to get it off. She was funny-still holding her arm bent when the cast was gone. She has to wear a brace for the next month and is still limited in her activities, but she can swim, and shower and no cast. Yeah!!!!!

Lexi and her nasty arm before getting all cleaned up.

Lexi and Dr. Noonan. We highly recommend him if you're ever in need of a orthopedic.
Notice that her arm is still in the cast position.

Lexi's new arm brace. Not as pretty as the casts but much more comfortable. She told me that she would design them in different colors so people don't have to have just black. Always thinking of the fashion. That's the smile of a happy girl.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pyromaniac Taylor

Taylor loves fireworks and has a connection where he can get good stuff at good prices. He mows lawns and babysits to earn money for his firework purchase. We're not talking ground flowers and sparklers, we're talking artillery shells and mortars. He has even found a fellow pyro and they make their run for fireworks together. I think they're insane but they love it. Luckily fireworks are legal in Houston, just stay outside the city limits. Oh, and keep a bucket of water ready-just in case.

Taylor's stash for this year.

The proud pyro and his ammo. Ready to start the show.

One of the fountains. No piccolo Pete's here.

Taylor checking out a cool fan spray.

Fellow pyros unite and bring your torch. It will be a hot time in the old town tonight.

Cousins come to visit

On June 30th my youngest sister Sara and her two kids-Cori and Anthony came to visit from Calif. Her husband Chris had to take care of some business and came later that week. Of course we had lots of fun and showed them many of the Texas traditions. The time went too fast and they have headed back home. It was a rude awakening to the heat of a Texas summer but we found things to keep us cool. We loved having them here and look forward to future visits.

Paige and Anthony at the library making 4th of July banners.

Lexi and Cori making their banners

Visiting the Children's museum. We had not been since they had opened the new exhibits. There are lots of new fun things. I could have posted tons of pictures but used restraint so you won't be overloaded. They kids favorite was the Kidopolis-a play city where the kids could work jobs, earn money and even go to the bank. Somehow they make everyday life seem exciting. If you haven't been for awhile it's worth checking out again. I'm very disappointed that on Fri we went to the Comal river and floated with everyone. I didn't get one picture of the day. Our first time down the river was very nice. We ate lunch and headed out and boy was it different. Party time. The alcohol and language were flowing freely. We stayed cool though. Next time we stick to the middle of the week and avoid holiday weekends.

My sister Amy and her family came down from Nacogdoches for the 4th of July weekend. Lot of noise and chaos but it's always fun with cousins to play with.
Cooling off at the subdivision pool.

Uncle Chris (one of the biggest kids) remembered how fun water weinies were and decided that the kids needed to experience it. They're made from surgical tubing and pens. Chris then proceeded to soak any child that wanted to try it.

Paige trying to take on Uncle Chris. Life lesson Paige-don't mess with Uncle Chris, you'll lose.

All the cousins-except Taylor after church. Anthony decided that Emily was his favorite cousin.

Three of the sisters and our hubbies

We even got the kids all watching a movie together for about 5 mins. AHHH quiet.

Sara and Chris went to Nacogdoches for a few days then came back to Houston. We headed over to San Antonio to see the sights there. We went to the Alamo, the Riverwalk and Sea World.
The kids watching the Shriner's parade in front of the Alamo

Family pic in front of the Alamo

We took the boat tour on the Riverwalk. Galantes got a taste of the humidity and the sauna like feeling it brings.

Wed. we went to Sea World. This time we wore our swimsuits and sat in the soak zone at the animal shows. We were prepared to stay cool in the 100+ weather.

We even got some great bar-b-que at Rudy's before heading back to Houston. Thanks for coming Galantes and ya'll come back now, ya hear.

Cast #3

After two weeks with her blue cast it was time for Lexi to go back to the orthopedic. She was really hoping he would say she was done. No such luck. Things are healing well but it's another two weeks. This time she chose a pink cast. No trouble picking her out in a crowd. We were glad for the change as the cotton mixed with water and sweat=STINKY!!!

Freedom for a few minutes. Lexi was afraid to move for fear of pain.

Lexi's all smiles hoping to be free of the cast forever. Hopes quickly dashed