Monday, January 25, 2010

Rose Parade

When I was growing up the Rose Parade was a big part of our New Year's. We would cruise Colorado Blvd New Year's Eve and see all the crazy drunk people. We spent the night on the Blvd a few times with a friend's church group. And some years would get up at 4:00 a.m. with my grandpa Card and dad and go and get the chosen spot for watching the floats go by. These are great memories and I want my kids to have similiar experiences. It is much different being there than watching it on tv. This year I decided to take the girls and go. Taylor and Ken had already headed back to Houston so Taylor could celebrate with his favorite part of New Year's-fireworks.

My dad and I decided we would take the girls and their cousin Cori and leave very early. It's about a hour drive into Pasadena from their house. We expected it to be very cold (S. California cold) so everyone was bundled and ready to go. We found great parking, and a spot to sit. Then it was just the waiting. The floats were spectacular, so beautiful. It's amazing to see what can be done with all the natural decorations. The one that was special for us was the Boy Scouts 100th anniversary. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts carried all the award winning banners. At the end was the tribute to the Boy Scouts. It made me proud to be a part of a great organization.
On the way to the parade. Trying to get a bit more sleep
Lexi and Cori used the waiting time to do some reading.
We brought breakfast to enjoy curbside

The day turned out beautiful and warm so we quickly shed the jackets and sweatshirts and basked in the California sun.

Eagle Scouts carrying a representation of every merit badge that Boy Scouts offers. These were also made of natural materials. There were over 300 Eagle Scouts that participated in the parade.

The actual float for the Boy Scouts included a working zip line.

A side view of the Boy Scout float showing some of the activites that the Boys and Girls participate in. There are female Venturing crews.

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