Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mission update

From Nov 2009-beginning of April 2010 Jordan was serving his mission in the Hemet area. I had posted pictures with his 1st companion-Elder Dunn. He had a new comp-Elder Dalton transferred in mid-January. this was the longest he had ever served in one area. He really loved the people and was able to teach many about the gospel.

This is his mission zone attending the Redlands temple. Jordan is in the front, second from the left.

Jordan and his companion Elder Dalton with a young lady they taught and were able to baptize. She overcame a lot of opposition and was strong in her testimony.

The beginning of April Jordan was transferred to Beaumont, CA. We laugh that it's the "other" Beaumont, on the other end of I-10. He has enjoyed this area and his companion is elder Clement. He celebrated his 21st birthday there. This is a tradition of ours that you put all your birthday gifts on the couch and hold up the fingers for how old you are. It's a trick that helps me out with sorting pictures. Since Jordan has actually exceeded the necessary digits for this year we're doing the next best thing. Looks like he is set for breakfast for awhile.

Someone was kind enough to get him a toy-just what he needed. He is a Lego maniac, so he got some kind of spaceship kit.

You have to know Jordan to really understand why this picture is so funny. This is the little bags for when you're walking your dog and need to pick up their mess. They're called a "poopy pouch". Either you get it or you don't but I can't explain.

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