Friday, November 26, 2010

Her legacy

On Nov 7, 2010 my mom Kenlyn Christenot passed away quietly. In Sept. when she had a major stroke we knew from everything her body had suffered that her time left on earth would not be long but it's amazing what was able to take place in the 7 weeks that remained of her life. She was home with her family and friends and was able to continue to show so many how much they meant to her. My mom was always thinking of others, and now so many were able to serve her. Friends from many eras of her life came to visit and called. She had sisters from the Relief Society sit and visit with her. Each of her children and grandchildren were able to visit, sing to her, make her cards and let her know how much she meant to us. Even in her limited physical capacity her spirit and testimony touched each one of us. The most important things in my mom's life were God, her family and friends. I am so grateful for the example she is in my life and my family's and am thankful to know that our family is forever.

The four girls

All 15 of the grandkids and my dad

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Julie said...

My mom & I were talking about your mom on Saturday when I went to visit her in the hospital (her second knee replacement surgery), and I ran across your blog while looking for Kenlyn's obituary. Your mom was the most amazing woman and an incredible example. I can't remember her ever without a smile on her face. I'm so sorry for your loss, but glad to be able to check our your blog and see your cute family.