Friday, September 23, 2011

25 year anniversary

As of Aug 16th Ken and I have been married 25 years. Since this is a big milestone for anniversaries we wanted to do something special. When we were married I did not know where we were going for our honeymoon. Ken planned it and told me what type of clothes to pack and it was awesome. (I like good surprises). So we decided on a repeat. Ken planned a celebration, told me what kind of clothes to pack and we headed out. I'll admit I did try and figure out where we were headed. My hints were it was for 5 days (thought cruise) and 75 degrees. (threw out cruise idea and thought mountains). We left in the wee hours on Aug 13th and headed to the airport. Finally when we checked in I got a further hint. First 3 letters of destination-New. Aha!! New York. I was very excited, since we had gone in December and it was freezing. I looked forward to seeing the city in warmer weather. 75 degrees seemed a bit cool though...

Gate showing our destination, or so I thought.

Ken cashed in some frequent flier miles and upgraded us to 1st class. Very nice and very relaxing! They even fed us a real meal!!

When we got to New York we got a cab and headed out. I'm thinking we're headed to New Jersey and we'll go to the city by bus. This is where we ended up. Now I'm confused. Ken says we're doing a ferry cruise around Staten Island. Still believing the story at this point. We get to the terminal and all I see is signage for Carnival cruises. Finally, DUH!!! We're going on a cruise!! But why did we fly to New York? Still didn't know where we were headed.

It wasn't until we got to the cabin and I saw the itinerary that I found out we were on a 5 day cruise to St. John New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. So I was partially good on my guessing. Ken had picked somewhere neither of us had been and that was cooler weather. After Houston's 100+ heat we were ready for a break!!! We were a day at sea, then St. John, then Halifax, another day at sea and then back to New York.

Heading out of New York with Lady Liberty leading the way.

It was a wonderful, relaxing and cooler trip. It was so nice to just let someone else take care of the basics. I don't think I've hung out that much in a long time. We were checking out the shore excursions and while there were a few that looked interesting we decided to go with the Big Pink bus, where their motto is "Hop on, Hop off" For one fee you can ride the bus around different routes in the city and get off when you want and catch the next bus when you want to continue on your way. We got to see things at our leisure and the tour guides told us about the city as we went along. We did this in both St. John and Halifax.

Ken and I in front of one of the natural wonders of St. John. In the Bay of Fundy as the tides go in and out the falls reverse direction. We went back in the afternoon to see the phenomenon. Mother Nature is pretty interesting. Notice I even got to wear a jacket-in August. Unbelieveable.

This was some street art Ken decided to be a part of. A couple of people walked by and had to look twice. Goofy guy!!

As we came into Halifax, after being delayed by thick fog, the sun came out and there was this charming lighthouse. It's a necessity in this area.

Ken and I on our anniversary while we were waiting for a show to start.

Coming back into port in New York in the early morning. It was a great trip and unfortunately reality hit immediately after touch down in Houston. It's been 25 wonderful years with my best friend and looking forward to many, many more. He can plan the trip anytime!!

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