Monday, November 10, 2008

A day of mixed feelings

It's hard to believe that this day finally arrived. It was a very quick trip to Utah because of the kids school schedule, but we wanted everyone to be there. After all the preparations, paperwork and prayers we were finally here. After flying in to SLC Tues evening we had dinner and went around Temple Square. It was a beautiful night and there were even some "teaser" Christmas lights in the trees. It was interesting that as we talked with many of the sister missionaries serving on Temple Square and told them that Jordan was going in the MTC the next day, their reaction was one of excitement for him. They all told him was an awesome experience the MTC would be. Jordan didn't have to report until 1:00 pm. on Wed. so we were able to have a leisurely morning and drove around Provo for a bit before heading up to the MTC. We had wanted to do lunch but no one felt like eating. We took care of luggage, Jordan checked in and then it was into the chapel. It's probably a good thing that there aren't cameras in the chapel. All the times of teasing and annoying each other dissolve pretty quickly when it's time to say good-bye for two years. We were given a last warning to stay out of Jordan's room. Life will be different for the next two years for all of us.

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farrellyfunfamily said...

Absolutely amazing that time flies by. He will have a great time on his mission - even though it is in Califormia. (ha!ha!)