Monday, November 17, 2008

Static-Fall 2008

All of our kids have played community sports-soccer, basketball and baseball. Jordan's favorite-basketball, Taylor's-soccer, Paige's-basketball and Lexi-softball. Lexi played during the Spring for her 1st season. Since she could stay in the younger age bracket to get more practice she played Fall ball also. We had a terrific season and the team ended up 4th in their age group. This age bracket is girls from age 5-8. Since Lexi didn't turn 9 until after Jan. she was one of the oldest. We had great coaches and it was really fun to see Lexi progress in her skills.

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Christenots said...

Lexi, loved seeing you play ball. You look so professional! That's great. I love the blog your Mom is doing. It's fun to see you all.Would love to hear you sing the songs for Veterans Day. Papa was so glad you loved singing the songs for him too. You are a champ too. Blessings, Gramma and Papa