Saturday, February 28, 2009

Girl Scout cookies

Both Paige and Lexi are in girl scouts. Lexi is a Jr. and Paige a Cadette. This is Girl Scout Cookie time. The girls sold cookies in January and we have been delivering them for the past two weeks. Each troop also signs up to do cookie booths-where they sell cookies in front of local businesses. This past weekend each girl had a booth. Of course a cold front had come through and Lexi's was "freezing" That's in terms of Houston weather. It was windy and the adults tried to keep from having the boxes blow away while the girls practiced their salesmanship skills. We did pretty good. I think people felt extra sorry for us standing out in the wind and cold. Luckily Paige's booth was inside the mall. Her main concern was that someone from school might see her. Sound familiar mom? We also did well there. It's hard to resist a Thin Mint.

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