Thursday, February 12, 2009


Monday is Jordan's preparation day-to do laundry, shop etc. We usually get a e-mail from him also. This past Mon. Feb. 9th we didn't hear from him. His companion-Elder Rose was going home and we thought maybe he was busy with the new comp. and getting things settled. On Tues. we got a e-mail. He was transferred at the same time. Jordan is now in a town called Banning. It is just down the freeway from Yucaipa. Same zone. In this area he is in what is called a home share. He and his companion live with members. His companion is from San Antonio. He was a bit bummed because he felt that they were really making progress with several of their investigators. I'm sure many of you who have served missions know that many times we plant the seeds, get them started and then move on. We'll be interested to hear more as he is settled. The rest of us are looking forward to a 4-day weekend. Yeah!!!!! We're heading to Nacogdoches to visit family. Enjoy!!

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Blarney Girl said...

It's great to hear that Jordan is doing so well. Since he's still in the same zone he'll see the new missionaries in that area and be able to keep tabs on how his investigators are doing. And unless his mission has different rules than what mine had, he would probably be able to get permission to attend the baptism if he's still in that zone. Granted, I've been home 10 years and even the way they teach has changed since I was out, so rules about going to baptisms outside of your area could possibly have changed too.