Friday, May 29, 2009


Breakfast the last morning

Our classroom

Our class

For the past four years I have taught early morning seminary-that's a bible study class for high school students before high school starts 6:00-6:50 a.m. It is a labor of love. I have loved the students and the opportunity to study the scriptures in depth. The need to prepare a lesson everyday can be overwhelming at times, but there are many blessings that come from it. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to have both my boys in my class. We are divided by the high school the kids attend and I have had about 9 students each year-freshman through senior. I teach in our home. I know that I am not the greatest teacher but thanks to all the students who have blessed my life and for helping me to learn many important lessons. I know the sacrifice is great but definitely worth it!!! It's my last year and I'm interested to see what is next.

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Christenots said...

Are you ready for the next calling?Congratulations on completing 4 years of seminary 2 times in your life. You are a pro! You have blessed so many lives with you testimony and knowledge. There is more to come in missions, temple marriages, and future generations who will love the Gospel because of your sacrifice. You are one of the greatest! I know! Love and Blessings,Proud of you. MOM