Sunday, May 31, 2009

Broken arm

Lexi and her big purple cast. She didn't realize that it would be so dark and was concerned that people couldn't write on it. Black Sharpies work just fine. And we got a smile out of her too.

Getting the cast on. She was not happy when the Dr. was molding the cast in the curve that he wanted the arm to heal in. This was probably the most painful part of the ordeal.

You can see that Lexi is not in pain with the broken arm. No tears here.

The night Lexi broke her arm was her choir concert. She had a solo for one of the songs and she was not going to miss her chance to perform. She did a great job and of course got lots of sympathy as well as praise for a beautiful performance.

On May 21st just as I was leaving the grocery store with a full cart of groceries I got a call from the school nurse-Lexi had fallen off the monkey bars at recess and thought she had broken her arm. I got to the school and they had Lexi's arm in a sling and with ice. she seemed to be able to move it around just fine, no tears or anything, but we decided to have a Dr. look at it. We went to the urgent care facility and the Dr. had her move the wrist, no problem, he bent the arm at the elbow, no problem. He was feeling the forearm and that's when she said it hurt. After a x-ray, it was confirmed that indeed the arm was broken. The Ulna between the elbow and wrist. The Dr. at the urgent put a splint on it and sent us on our way. I called our othopedic and they wanted to see the x-ray before scheduling a appt. When the orthopedic say the x-rays he said that it would need surgery and he wanted to see us on Fri. Fri was a mess and we ended up seeing him on Sat. He x-rayed the arm again and decided that she would not need surgery but that he would go ahead and cast it. It was a answer to many prayers. So Lexi now has a cast most of the way up her arm for 4-6 weeks. She couldn't finish her end of season softball tournament and is also out of swim team. The biggest bummer is just not being able to swim. This is our main form of entertainment during the summer. But she does get lots of attention and help with chores. I guess that's a trade off.

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