Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween traditions

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and we have many traditions that come with the season. We're not into the gore but the fun creepy part of celebrating.

Decorations on the outside and inside. Without Jordan to add to everything it was a bit more mellow this year.

Pumpkin, ghost and bat sugar cookies. I usually bake them during the day and then we have a decorating party as a family. Some are extra loaded with candy decorations. Luckily we give most of them away.

Pumpkin carving. Everyone had their own this year and part of that includes cleaning out the yucky part. Taylor and Lexi went for the patterned designs on theirs. Paige was a traditional Jack o lantern.

Dressing up. This year was very light on the costume sewing. I talked Lexi into using a devil costume that I made a couple of years ago. Paige was a character from the Twilight novels. And a local thrift store gave Ken and I the parts of our costumes with a few accessories thrown in. I actually had a enjoyable week without frantic sewing right up until we were walking out the door. Taylor was gone all day with a friend riding dirt bikes and didn't get back until late. We did trunk or treat at the church and then headed to the high school football game (great planning by someone) to see several of the kids from church perform. We were quite the novelty dressed up.

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