Monday, February 8, 2010

Mission pics from Temecula

The fruits of his labors. This is a lady and her three daughters that Jordan was part of teaching and they accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ. There have many people that Jordan has taught and then been transferred from the area. It was very gratifying for him to see the changes in this family's lives and the happiness they had.

A rite of passage-for the 1 yr mark of the time spent in the mission field a Elder burns a shirt. Jordan had ruined this shirt with grease and so it became the sacrificial shirt. His companion had entered the Missionary Training Center the same day as Jordan so they got to share the experience. This was at a member's backyard firepit.

Jordan has always been a firebug so it wasn't enough to just toss it in and let it burn, he had to mess with it a bit.

The missionary zone in Temecula, CA

I wanted to share this short clip of a game the missionaries play on their preparation day in Temecula. I guess different areas do different activities together for their physical activity. This is what Jordan called "Scoops" or a poor man's lacrosse. Each missionary has a "scoop" made from cutting the bottom off of a 1 gallon milk jug. Many reinforce the edge with duct tape. I'm not familiar with lacrosse and its objectives but it looks like a fun game. This clip isn't too long and it actually shows Jordan. He's in a red shirt and dark shorts. You can even hear his laugh at the end when they score. It's something we miss around here. Sometimes.

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