Sunday, May 9, 2010

April update

We are in the big end of year windup. This time of year is so crazy with all the activities going on. I am already behind on May so I thought I would do a quick update on some of our activities for April.

Taylor had the opportunity to baptize a boy in our ward. His father had been given the opportunity when he was a priest and so he wanted to pay it forward. It was a great experience for Taylor and wonderful as a parent to see him use the priesthood to bless others.

The youth at church had a "Decade Dinner" where different age groups dressed up in attire from various decades. Ken had the 50's, Paige the 60's and Taylor the 80's. I got them just before they headed out the door. They had a great time and even learned some dances from the eras.

Senior prom 2010-Taylor and his date before heading off to the dance. they got a limo they shared with two other couples. It was held downtown at the Houston Club and they said it was pretty fun. I can't believe my boy is so grown up and when I see him all spiffed out he looks like such a handsome man.

Lexi and safety patrol. The 5th graders are chosen at school to spend 6 wks as part of safety patrol. they help with morning arrival and afternoon dismissal by opening car doors of car riders. They put up the flags and help maintain order in the hall at dismissal. Lexi's job was flags-I was very impressed with the respect she and the other students handled their responsibility with.

Taylor got a new job. He is working concessions at the local multiplex theater. He has only worked a few times but enjoys it so far.

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