Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend in Az.

We took a quick trip to Easter AZ for the weekend. these are just a few pics from along the way. Unfortunately I didn't take pics when we were with friends visiting. We went to go and see the temple there (see next post) and got to visit with some good friends also. Since it was so short of time we didn't do a lot of other activities but we did enjoy going hiking in some hills on Sat. afternoon. that's not something that we get to do in Houston. It was also unseasonably cool which was a welcome change.

The girls at a rest stop. We have stopped here many times on various trips and I have pics from all different ages of the kids.

A motel in a small town along the way. We told Taylor it was all ready for him to come back and run it.

On our hike we found a small horny toad. Lexi was willing to hold it.

Paige and Lexi heading up the hill.

A shot of Mt. Graham with fresh snow. It had just fallen the day before

Maria with the kids at the top of the hill we climbed.

Ken with the kids

A shot overlooking part of the Gila Valley

Taylor with our horny toad friend, just before we gave it it's freedom back.

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