Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Spring of 2010 Ken participated in Woodbadge training for Boy Scouts.  This is an advanced leadership training done over a couple of weekends.  After the training the participants have their "ticket" items, things they have to complete as part of their goals of ways they can enhance the Boy Scout organization.  Ken's overall goal was to encourage greater love of country.  He completed his ticket items in fall of 2011 but it wasn't until April 2012 that we were able to get everyone at a Court of Honor so he could receive his beads and neckerchief.  All parts of the award have symbolism of the growth of Boy Scouts.  It is a great relief and honor to complete this training and we're proud of Ken for finishing his.  

Receiving his neckerchief

certificate of completion

Ken and Larry the course coordinator

Some of the boys from the Venturing crew that Ken was the advisor for.

The proud fam.  Not the best picture but unfortunately the only one.  

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