Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aggie Basketball

For several years as Paige played basketball I would ask Lexi if she wanted to also. The answer was always no. Lexi has played soccer, and softball and also swam on a community swim team. This year she decided to try basketball. She was a bit older and no experience going into this but really enjoyed her experience playing basketball on a community team. The coach had previously coached Paige's team so we were familiar with him. He is very patient and really tries to help the girls build their skills. Lexi liked the action filled games. Their team had a up and down season but won both tournament games. They did lose the championship game but did a great job putting all the things they had learned this season into practice. It was really fun to see how much Lexi improved in such a short time. She even wants to do it again.

Lexi was great on defense

and rebounding

Goofing with Coach Jessie and one last head rub

The last Aggie cheer of the season.

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