Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Shed

I have wanted a shed for the past 5 years. This may seem like a weird thing, but I still have the goal to park my car in my garage. With 7 bikes, toys, tools, camping gear etc. something has to get out of the garage. The beginning of this year Ken decided to build us a shed. He did not want a prefab one, he wanted to build it from scratch so it was done "right". He did a awesome job-it's even got hurricane straps. The part that was great was that Taylor helped all the way through and hopefully learned some skills that will benefit him throughout his life. I'm so glad my honey is so handy and uses his talents to bless our family. They braved the weather through some of the coldest this year. My job came at the end with the painting. Now I'm working on filling it up.

The finished product. Mighty nice looking and built to last.

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Mrs. Townsend said...

I love your new shed! That is really nice.