Saturday, September 4, 2010

Girl's camp 2010

The 2nd week the guys were gone was when Paige went to girl's camp for church. The thought of camping in Texas in August is not something I would attempt but the girls have a great time. They go to a local Girl Scout camp which has cabins. There is a air conditioned lodge and some classrooms but for the most part it's you and the heat. And during the week the temperatures were around 105. Luckily there is a lake and swimming pool and during that week there was quite a bit swamping of the canoes. Thurs the 11 yr old girls were invited to come for the day to participate in different activities and see a glimpse of what camp is like. Lexi was very excited because she would be going up for the day.

Paige and Lexi at camp

The girls in the lodge before skits/singing

Paige and her BFF with their matching bandanas and t-shirts.

cabin mates.

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