Monday, September 13, 2010

Honesty is the best policy

One day I took Lexi and a friend to Walmart to pick up some things before heading out of town. I needed to do a return and so I sent the girls to get the needed items while I took care of the return. As I was walking towards customer service the girls came running up to me very excited and told me they had found a $100.00 dollar bill. They showed it to me and I decided to take it to customer service and let them know it had been found. When I got there, there was a couple of customers ahead of me. A man did his return and was digging in his pocket and then was very upset as he said he had lost a $100.00 dollar bill. Being that it was pretty early in the morning and not a lot of customers I figured it had to be the owner of the one the girls had found. I told him they had found it and he was very grateful to have it returned. He left and I did my return and he had come back up to the desk with a bouquet of roses. He paid for them and then gave them to me for the girls along with some change. While the girls were disappointed not to have gotten the original money they thought the flowers and change was pretty nice.

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Jason and Lissa said...

I'm sure they'll remember this story for when they have to talk about honesty some day. :)