Sunday, August 15, 2010

EFY-Especially for Youth

This year Taylor had the opportunity to attend EFY-Especially for Youth, a conference put on by the church for youth 14-18 to strengthen their testimony of the gospel, socialize with other youth with the same values and learn ways to stand for what is right in today's world. It is done with classes, games, dances and other activities. The conferences are held all over the United States and the closest one to us in in San Antonio at Trinity college. Taylor went with two other boys from our area and they had a great time.

this was waiting outside for registration to open. Just chillin' out.

Each participant is given their name badge and housing info. The theme for the year is the same no matter where they attend. Courage to Stand Strong is needed to face the challenges of today's teenager.

Taylor with all his "stuff"

Taylor, Greg and Chris with their conference t-shirts.

Taylor at his dorm room. The counselor had left notes for each person to welcome to the conference.

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