Sunday, May 8, 2011


One thing we looked forward to each spring is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. For 2 weeks it is all things rodeo in Houston. There are great performers, awesome food, and lots of fun to be had. We almost missed it with our other trip but went the last week. We got 1/2 price ride tickets but we were surprised by how much the rides cost. The girls did ride a few and then we all went on the skyride. We enjoy getting above the crowds and being able to look out and see everywhere.

With all the yummy food Ken and the girls chose the foot long corn dogs.

I went for this new concoction. It's sausage on a stick with potatoes spiral cut and wrapped around the sausage and the whole thing fried. Love it. We didn't take pics but we also enjoyed fried oreos. No, we don't count calories, we can't count that high.

All of us in front of the old Astrodome. It always makes me sad to see it just sitting there unused. We have many great memories of going to Astros games there and the rodeo used to be there before the new venues were built.

I don't know if you can tell who performed that night but we went and saw KISS. It was wild to see all the people dressed up. We did not get tickets ahead of time so we had standing room only which got old quick. We stayed for the 1st couple of songs and then the girls and I and some friends went back out to the displays. It was enough to say we saw them. The funny thing was as we were leaving the stadium to head to the car we were stopped by the security because a car was coming through. Ends up it was the van holding the band members and they drove about 6 ft. in front of us. They look just as scary close up as they do far away. Gene Simmons can still rock it though.

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