Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lexi turns 12

The beginning of March our Lexi girl turned 12. This is a age of great change and it's hard to believe our baby is already there. She was very excited for this day, Paige and I had gone to the jr. high to decorate her locker. She got the birthday girl banner to wear at school.

This was actually while we were at Disney. Our rite of passage at 12 for the girls is to get to shave their legs. Most dread this but Lexi was so excited as you can tell by her face.

The night of her birthday Lexi chose General Tso's chicken for dinner. She got the red plate to eat off of.

Lexi with her birthday loot and showing how old she is. This has been a great way to keep track of what birthday the pictures are from.

Another part of turning 12 is being able to attend the temple and participate in baptisms as proxy for those who have died. The 1st time she went both Ken and I were able to be there as well as Jordan. What a great spirit.

As a mom this was a special time to be with my girls. Twice a year there is a general broadcast for the women throughout the church. In March it is for the young women and their mothers & leaders. In Sept. it is for the women 18+. I got to go with both girls and we had a fun dinner before with the other young women from our area.

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Melody said...


I can't believe Lexi is 12. I can remember when you just had her - my first year in Texas. How time flies! I hope all is well.