Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring break camping

Spring break we take a few days and head out of town to camp. There aren't a lot of times that are fun to camp in Texas but this is one of them. It was awesome weather and there were great friends and we had a great time.

The kids made themselves capes out of pillowcases. Lexi decorating hers

Our traditional 1st night meal-milkjug dinner. Ham, sausage, cabbage, corn, potatoes, carrots all steamed and yummy. A little dijon mustard and it's all good.

All the kids on the playground. It was quite a feat getting everyone there without anyone falling

One form of entertainment this year was the marshmallow guns. We all had a good time with them. They are a blow gun design, just don't inhale. The racoons loved cleaning up at night any leftovers. Beware-marshmallows can hurt!

The adults even got involved. Thanks Harolds for bringing the fun.

Jordan loading up the ammo for the big boy fun. The little kids were dying to get in on the action.

Here they are with the launching slingshot.

And these are the catchers. At least trying to, many times the balloon broke before ever getting to the ground.

All of us in front of our tent. Taylor didn't get to stay the whole time, he had to work but we were glad for the time we had to spend together.

To celebrate St. Patrick's day Taylor had green temporary hair dye. Michael was the willing victim here.

The big crowd pleaser S'mores

Warming up the tortillas for fajitas

The girls had dish duty for breakfast dishes.

There was entertainment for all ages. crafts for the little ones

and the big ones

games for the teenagers

and even an egg hunt

Most of the kiddos before heading home. It was a great couple of days and we look forward to next year.

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Boyer Family said...

Love your pictures. Always a great trip!!! What an awesome group of kids.