Sunday, May 22, 2011

Texas bluebonnets

The Texas state flower is the bluebonnet, they bloom March through mid April and are beautiful when you see a whole meadow full. This spring because of the draught conditions there were not the plentiful blossoms as we have had in years past.
We go the 1st weekend of April each year to take pictures in the bluebonnets and this year we thought we were going to have to miss. We drove to all the usual spots and found a small clump here and there but no meadows. Just before we gave up we came across this one. It's by no means the usual spendor but we went for it.

The girls in the bluebonnets

The boys

All 4 of my kids.

We always go with our friends the Boyers and then we can take turns with the camera. Afterwards we share a picnic dinner. We have found this great city park in a small town along the way.

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