Monday, April 12, 2010

Jordan in Hemet

Jordan's 6th area on his mission was Hemet. It is southeast of Riverside. This is the area that he had been in the longest, he was there for 4 1/2 months. He was just transferred last week. He really enjoyed the people in Hemet and had some great experiences as a missionary. These pictures are a bit old-from the end of the year but he broke his camera and we just got it replaced a couple of weeks ago. We are hoping for some updates soon. His new area is Beaumont. It is right along I-10 between Yucaipa and Banning, both areas where he had previously served.

When Jordan left he decided that he didn't need a rain suit or special rain gear. The Riverside area gets about 1 1/2" of rain/year. Of course this was the wettest winter in several years and Jordan was on a bike. This is after being out in rain all day.
Jordan transferred to Hemet the end of November so the holidays were spent there. His 1st companion was Elder Dunn.

The youth group from the ward wanted to make sure the missionaries started their day out right. Looks like they're good for a couple of weeks. I love the artwork on the wall.

Elder Torbit and Elder Dunn with Rita, an investigator they were able to teach. Her friend that is a member of the church baptized and confirmed her.

Each of the places Jordan has been has their "local" activity. In Hemet the elders played softball on Mondays with a city league. Here's a clip from Jordan. He got a couple of strikes before getting a piece of it and hitting a home run.

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