Monday, April 5, 2010

Kodiak X

Summer of 2009 Taylor attended a special Venturing summer camp. It was leadership/team building skills course taught through a week long high adventure camp. Each day they did different activities-small boat sailing, horseback riding, climbing, shooting, etc. The boys all loved it and were then qualified to attend Kodiak X. This was taking the skills they had acquired this past summer and putting them into practice. The first weekend of spring break Taylor and 4 other boys from our crew went to Kodiak X. It was perfect camping weather and they were able to renew friendships and learn many things. Taylor even interviewed to go on staff for Kodiak this next summer. We'll see if that works out. Ken and I went to pick the boys up at the end of the weekend so I was finally able to see some of the things the boys all come home talking about. I actually got some pictures to boot.

Taylor in front of the camp logo

This is outside San Marcos in the hill country of Texas.

Taylor participated in the closing flag ceremony for the weekend.

After one last group activity everyone had to tell something memorable from the weekend.

Taylor receiving his gold Kodiak X medal. One thing that is different about Venturing from the other Boy Scout programs is that it is co-ed. Of course separate facilities and sleeping areas but there is a growing number of female crews.

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