Monday, April 26, 2010

Taylor's wisdom teeth

At the beginning of April Taylor got his wisdom teeth out. Everything went as planned and he came out of surgery very giggly. The nurse said he did great and was entertaining them all in the back. I could see why, Taylor is a spaz with drugs. He has never had his mouth numb so he kept touching his lips and chin. I was videoing him and driving at the same time and so it's a bit wobbly. He kept telling me he was feeling well enough to go to school. The video shows how goofy he was. He has quickly healed and with minimal swelling.


Amy said...

That is an awesome picture of Taylor. He just needs a helmet and he will look perfect for the short bus.

Crystal said...

Okay...that is about the funniest thing! But somehow, I can see normal taylor in the video. What a scream! Chris loved it too!