Monday, April 5, 2010

spring break camping

We did our annual spring break camping trip. There were 7 families all together and we headed to Lake Livingston this year. We hadn't been there before but thanks to Holly for getting us this great area where the kids could play in the street and we were all together. We were up there for Thurs., Fri., and Sat. which turned out to be perfect planning. It was nice to just get away from the everyday schedule and be out in the beauty of nature. We even had beautiful weather.

On Fri the kids decided since it was nice (mid 70's) and we were by a lake they needed to go swimming. Some of the kids had brought bathing suits but those who didn't had figured out something to improvise in. This was before heading to the lake. And this wasn't even all the kids there were nine not pictured. Of course, some were not of the age to be swimming yet. Don't they look like a happy, warm bunch?

Of course when they just put their hands in the water it didn't feel too bad. Lexi was the first one in and jumping in was a whole new experience. Then it became a matter of who would be brave enough to take the plunge. Many of the kids jumped in but not very many were in for more than a minute or two.

Paige made the jump and was back out quickly.

Lexi all nice and wet

Paige and Lexi dared each other to jump in again.

Besides the lake there were lots of other things to keep everyone busy. Paige tried out her kite flying.
Taylor and Taylor with Michael
The 'tween' girls-Olivia, Carly, Morgan and Lexi

The 'middle' girls-Quincy, Paige and Andrea

Ken-helping cook up some yummy breakfast tacos.

We even got some service hours for the elementary school by cutting out some laminating for the teachers. Hey, might as well make the most of the time. Not something that is easy to come by at home.

Playing washers, you just have to be careful of wandering little ones.


I'm not that bad of a partner

The whole family before the end of the day.

Sat. morning as we were enjoying a leisurely breakfast, Ken showed us the radar screen on his phone of what was heading our way. A big rain cell. We quickly went to work packing everything up. As we were literally putting the last things in the car, the raindrops started. It was a good thing we were ready to go, since it rained the rest of the afternoon and brought a cold front with it. Camping is fun, but not in the rain.

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