Tuesday, February 19, 2013

June 2012

 Yeah!!! We get to turn the alarm off and relax a bit, but life is still busy in the summer.  We just hope is involves lots of water!!  Paige continues to swim for a local swim team.  She did really well, qualifying to compete in the Meet of Champs for Breast Stroke.  She was even MVP for her age group.
Paige waiting for her race

Paige's shirt as MVP.  Also her medal from Meet of Champs

 Lexi has been volunteering with Girl Scouts at the local Twilight Camp.  She is a program aide, where she is assigned to work with a unit of girls teaching them songs, games, canoeing, archery, and general fun activities.  She has done this the past 3 years after having attended the camp as a camper.  Each year the PA's have a "code" name that they go by for the week.  This year her's was California.  It is kind of weird to have a camp in the evening but with the heat here it makes it nice to not have the sun beating down on you.  The park where the camp is held has plenty of light so they adjust the activities to use the daylight for canoeing and archery and the evening for the others.

Father's day-Ken and the kids with his treat

My attempt at canning pickles.  
Our tomato plants.  Grew big but didn't produce a lot

The before picture.  All clean and excited to go.  Still full of energy
The first week after school is out we headed to Girl's Camp for church.  I was able to go as part of the leadership for the stake.  We had 18 girls from our ward ranging from 12-16.  We go to a Christian camp that is about 3 hrs. North of Houston.  It is a very nice facility with air conditioned cabins even.  This may sound luxurious but it is still wood bunks with foam mattresses.  The girls all have a great time and I love to be able to be there with them.  

Paige made it to the top of the rock wall on the difficult side

Lexi getting suited up to head down the zip line.
  The guy is a worker at the camp, otherwise no boys allowed!!

Me and my girls

May 2012

Paige with the official document stating she is licensed to learn to drive
     May is always a busy month and this proved true with this year also.  To start with Paige marked a major milestone with getting her learner's  permit to drive.  I don't know if I will survive the learning process but we will give it a go.  The DMV closed the local office-not due to insufficient need.  So we are forced to head to other offices.  This was only a 1 1/2 hr wait.  I've been through worse!!

There are always the end of year school events.  We had the jr. high athletic banquet.  Lexi had played both Volleyball and Basketball this year.  We also had the band concerts for the jr. high and high school.
Lexi at her athletic banquet

Lexi at her band concert

Paige and friend Jordan before their band concert

 Then there is Mother's Day.  I enjoy the breakfast in bed my kids always treat me to.  I am so grateful to be a mom and even with the many challenges I count my kids as my greatest blessings.  I am also grateful for a wonderful mom.  Every day I miss being able to talk to her and enjoy her company.  I am grateful for the many things she taught me and the example she always was.

My gift from my family-I can show my True Blue all the time!!

Me and my kids

Nephew Chase with his mom and dad, Rob and Heather

I got to do a quick trip to Calif. for my nephew's Boy Scout Eagle Court of Honor, another nephew's baptism and my cousin's wedding.  It was fast but we made the most of it.  Always good to be with family.

At the end of the month celebrating Memorial Day.  We went to a nice ceremony at the cemetary by us.  Then we enjoyed a great BBQ and swimming with friends.  Ready for summer!!



Jordan and  Taylor 

ceremony at the cemetery
flag with helmet and guns in Remembrance

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Texas bluebonnets

Every year on the 1st Sunday in April we head towards the hill country in search of the Texas bluebonnets.  We were really excited this year thinking there would be fields full of bluebonnets since we had had a good rainfall and prime conditions for flowers.  We have about 4 or 5 places that we have gone in previous years and had great results.  This year we headed to two of them and were very disappointed.  We ended up with a small area of flowers and made the best of what we had.  It was perfect lighting though.  




Ken and I
Just for the record Jordan was there but did not want his picture by himself.  We have our family pics somewhere else and I have to add them to our photos.

Silly family

After Ken got home from church we did a couple of family pics.  My family loves to complain about this and give me a hard time.  We used a tripod with the camera timer.  There is one setting on the camera that will take a burst of successive shots.  We did this so if anyone blinks or something we might still get a good shot.  Taylor, who likes to mess up family photos, decided to keep things interesting.  Look at his right hand in the pics.-the 1st two he gets into position and on the 3rd grabs Lexi and shakes her.  Gotta love it!!! 


We looked forward to celebrating Easter but felt a bit out of sorts with all the chaos of our house.  We made do and still enjoyed our traditions.  

Coloring hard boiled eggs.  Funny how much better they taste because they are pretty colors

Our beautiful kids before church.  Our egg hunt and things were a bit delayed because of Ken's church responsibilities.  

After a wardrobe change it was time for the chocolate egg hunt.  

sharing a delicious dinner with good friends

The outdoor plastic egg hunt.  My girls don't want to give up the hunt and miss the goodies.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jordan's birthday

Our oldest turned 23 this year.  Can't believe how quickly time is flying and continues to pick up speed.      Although birthdays aren't as much fun as an adult we did still have him choose what restaurant to eat at.  He chose Pappasitos, a local yummy Mexican restaurant.  I remember when McDonalds was the place to go because you could play in the playground.  Jordan is a great young  man and will accomplish much in his life.  He is working full-time and taking classes in anticipation of transferring to BYU at the  beginning of the year.  Can't wait to see what's next.

Our four kiddos, can I turn back the clock and enjoy them little again?  

Being serenaded by the Mariachi band.  Caught Jordan enjoying the salsa verde and chips

Jordan likes brownies vs. cake, a preference inherited from mom

Jordan got assorted presents, but the one thing requested was new luggage.  His sisters said it was a hint to use it to move out.  They are eyeing his room.

Project Linus

Our Relief Society, the women's organization at church, decided to participate in Project Linus.  This is where handmade blankets are donated to local hospitals for children.  As part of the plan we also had a work night at church where we learned to crochet and hopefully make a blanket to donate.  I have done some basic crocheting but never completed a "real" project.  I decided to work on a blanket and had a great friend who helped me all along the way.  Once I got going it wasn't too bad, a great way to accomplish something when I wanted to sit and watch something on TV.  I appreciate all the help and encouragement from my friend and am happy to have completed this and was able to donate it to the program.  The girls want me to make something for them now.  We'll see how that goes.