Sunday, June 17, 2012


When we built our house almost 8 yrs ago we used the upgrade allotment from the builder to do the things that could not be changed later.  We went with the builder grade finishes that we figured we could change at a later date.  So for 7 1/2 yrs we have had cheap carpet, tile that I didn't like, vinyl flooring and laminate countertops.  We finally bit the bullet on the downstairs flooring and ripped everything out (except the kitchen vinyl) and replaced it with laminate wood.  This began in feb.-it is almost done.  :)

The entry before.  While the lighting makes it look decent, the tile actually had a orange cast to it that I hated.  Ken decided that the tile was the 1st to go. 

To try and eliminate dust everywhere Ken built a plastic enclosure around the tiled area and then started on the removal process.  The idea was great, but the fine white dust was everywhere.

 Tile all gone, interesting to see the builders notes on the concrete.

Out came all the carpet in the dining area.  Each day became the obstacle course with furniture being rearranged.

The before on the living room, hall and office with carpet

The office with the carpet gone

This "easy" click and lock flooring became much more involved that we originally thought.  1st the slab had a lot of high/low spots so Ken used self-leveling to even some of that out.  And thankfully Ken is Mr. perfectionist and got all the angles right.

The new flooring heading into the living room
 finishing up the dining area

The dining area all done, including the new baseboard.  

Working on the last part of the living room.  The master at work.

The living room before

The living room after.  Of course when you change the flooring it makes everything else need a update.  Not really, but while we loved the leather we needed something lighter.  We decided to try fabric and see how it holds up.  We are still looking for lamps and a area rug.  Family prayer is a bit rough on the knees on the wood.  Once I get all the finishing details done I'll post a final pic.  That building construction degree of Ken's has really paid off.  Just a side note, Ken also redid the fireplace last year.

March 2012

Since the beginning of the year Lexi has been practicing for the spring play which was Mulan this year.    Lexi was chosen to be one of the chinese warriors.  She had to balance Basketball practice, play practice, school, piano and church.  The play was the beginning of March and the kids all did a great job.  She loved the songs and tae kwon do moves she learned.  Finally a outlet for her "dramatic" personality 

After doing so well in his company's Halloween costume contest, Jordan decided to enter the next contest.  It was for a chili making contest, this was in recognition of rodeo time in Houston.  Jordan had a recipe from a friend for white chili- Chicken and great northern beans.  He got 2nd place-$75.00.  Jordan has the touch with contests.

Our baby girl turns 13!!!  Has it really been 13 years since she turned our world upside down?  It's been  a great blessing to have Lexi in our family and she adds a spark to our lives.  She started the day with her favorite-cinnamon pizza.

As per tradition, the kids get to choose where they want to go out to eat for dinner.  Lexi's choice was Cracker Barrel.

Lexi and her loot.  This is a big milestone year, as we let the girls wear make-up when they turn 13.

 For her actual party Lexi wanted to play volleyball at a local sand court.  Unfortunately the Houston weather did not cooperate and we got buckets of rain.  Much needed but not wanted at this time.  So we went to the church and the girls played there.  I am definitely not a cake designer but you get the picture.  The school colors are green and black so we went with that color scheme.

March is rodeo time in Houston.  This year with scheduling it ended up being myself, Taylor, Paige and Lexi that went to the rodeo.  It was a beautiful day and for the concert we saw the Zach Brown band.  A very good concert.  It was during Spring Break so a bit crowded.  The sad part was that the kids are no longer in awe of the animals and displays.  Kind of  been there, done that.

We did take a ride across the fairgrounds on the sky ride.  Since there is only the freeway overpasses that have any height to them in Houston, anytime you can get up above it's a great view.

During Spring Break we did take a day and go to the Houston Zoo.  We went with friends and the girls had a good time.  It's been a couple of years since we've been and they've added many new enclosures and animals.