Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend in Nacogdoches

the kids had a long weekend with Monday off the middle of the month, so we took a quick trip up to Nacogdoches to see my sister and her family. It was very relaxing and the kids had a good time hanging out together.

Taylor and Harrison being buddies. I should have looked at my background a bit better, it looks like Harrison is growing a horn. These are the 2nd oldest and 2nd youngest boy cousins.

Amy and I with our Project Life kits. The idea behind it is to record the everyday aspects of our lives and tell the stories that are often overlooked. We'll see how well I do to continue for an extended period of time.

Lexi doing karaoke to her favorite-Taylor Swift

Guy time-Harrison was right up there with Taylor and John so excited to be one of the big guys.

The girls out front with their scooters. It was beautiful but a bit cool. Great Texas winter weather.

Thanks Curnutts for a great weekend.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The cheerleaders

While going through some things at my parents we came across a couple of boxes of cheerleading outfits from my sister. She started cheering in 5th grade and continued through high school. She was a NCA cheerleader performing at the Aloha bowl in Hawaii on Christmas and in Ireland for the St. Patrick's day parade. The girls thought this was a gold mine. They picked their outfit and got themselves all fixed up with the hair and make up. They spend several hours in the backyard practicing. A great way to keep them entertained. And of course we had a performance to see at the end.

Lexi wearing the outfit from Ireland

Paige with a high school uniform

All three of the cousins in the backyard. They look pretty good and did a great job with their cheers.

Rose Parade

When I was growing up the Rose Parade was a big part of our New Year's. We would cruise Colorado Blvd New Year's Eve and see all the crazy drunk people. We spent the night on the Blvd a few times with a friend's church group. And some years would get up at 4:00 a.m. with my grandpa Card and dad and go and get the chosen spot for watching the floats go by. These are great memories and I want my kids to have similiar experiences. It is much different being there than watching it on tv. This year I decided to take the girls and go. Taylor and Ken had already headed back to Houston so Taylor could celebrate with his favorite part of New Year's-fireworks.

My dad and I decided we would take the girls and their cousin Cori and leave very early. It's about a hour drive into Pasadena from their house. We expected it to be very cold (S. California cold) so everyone was bundled and ready to go. We found great parking, and a spot to sit. Then it was just the waiting. The floats were spectacular, so beautiful. It's amazing to see what can be done with all the natural decorations. The one that was special for us was the Boy Scouts 100th anniversary. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts carried all the award winning banners. At the end was the tribute to the Boy Scouts. It made me proud to be a part of a great organization.
On the way to the parade. Trying to get a bit more sleep
Lexi and Cori used the waiting time to do some reading.
We brought breakfast to enjoy curbside

The day turned out beautiful and warm so we quickly shed the jackets and sweatshirts and basked in the California sun.

Eagle Scouts carrying a representation of every merit badge that Boy Scouts offers. These were also made of natural materials. There were over 300 Eagle Scouts that participated in the parade.

The actual float for the Boy Scouts included a working zip line.

A side view of the Boy Scout float showing some of the activites that the Boys and Girls participate in. There are female Venturing crews.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New cousin-Benjamin

Benjamin Silver was born Nov 24th and we were so excited to finally get to see him. He is a super baby. There was no lack of holders amongst the cousins, aunties and grandmas. It's always a reminder of the blessings of our Heavenly Father when you can hold such a sweet baby. Welcome to the family Benjamin

December celebrations

December is such a crazy wonderful month full of celebrations and great times together as family. Here is a brief overview of what we did.

Lexi participated in a children's choir at church. Our church and the Catholic church across the street combine to perform a Christmas concert. There are beautiful musical numbers and a wonderful spirit to herald in the Christmas season. This is Lexi with two great friends, Morgan and Olivia

Paige at her Christmas concert. Paige's special part was playing the chimes in one of the numbers.

Taylor celebrated his 18th birthday.

Taylor at his orchestra concert. This is the same tree as the one in Paige's picture. The high school has a performing arts center which is used by the high school and junior high fine arts programs.

Lexi at her choir concert at the elementary school. They also performed at a assisted living home in the area and the local mall.

Both Paige and Lexi participated in a sing a long at a local nursing home with Girl Scouts from many troops. I think the girls enjoyed it as much as the patients.

Road trip to California. This is at a rest stop. We usually take food for lunch in the car and stop to eat along the way. When the kids were younger they needed the chance to run around. Now we just enjoy being able to get out and take a break for a bit.

Christmas Eve. One of our traditions is to read the Christmas story from the Bible, sing carols and have the kids portray the story of Christ's birth. We had a full cast this year. The rule is you have to participate until you graduate from high school. We were blessed with a real baby Jesus this year also.

Christmas morning-the kids were excited about their Santa loot.

New Year's Eve-Paige and Lexi ringing in 2010

Ready to move onto 2010 and see what the New Year brings.