Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's day -thanks so much for making my day a great one.

Some flowers from my hubby. He knows I love a mixed bouquet.

My girls are so sweet to fix breakfast in bed.

3 of my kids that have given me the title of mom

Me and my girls with a yummy dinner that they fixed. Love the day off!!!

Last concert

I can't believe we're to the end of so many things for Taylor at school. This was his last orchestra concert. I love to go to the concerts and will miss this.

These are all the graduating seniors from orchestra. There are 22 of them. This will leave a big hole in the orchestra.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend in Az.

We took a quick trip to Easter AZ for the weekend. these are just a few pics from along the way. Unfortunately I didn't take pics when we were with friends visiting. We went to go and see the temple there (see next post) and got to visit with some good friends also. Since it was so short of time we didn't do a lot of other activities but we did enjoy going hiking in some hills on Sat. afternoon. that's not something that we get to do in Houston. It was also unseasonably cool which was a welcome change.

The girls at a rest stop. We have stopped here many times on various trips and I have pics from all different ages of the kids.

A motel in a small town along the way. We told Taylor it was all ready for him to come back and run it.

On our hike we found a small horny toad. Lexi was willing to hold it.

Paige and Lexi heading up the hill.

A shot of Mt. Graham with fresh snow. It had just fallen the day before

Maria with the kids at the top of the hill we climbed.

Ken with the kids

A shot overlooking part of the Gila Valley

Taylor with our horny toad friend, just before we gave it it's freedom back.

Gila Valley Arizona Temple open house

From May of 1995-Oct of 1996 we lived in Safford, AZ., a small town in the eastern part of state. Ken flew forest fires for a avaition company out of the town. While we were there just a short time, it left a big impact on our lives. We made friends with some incredible people, loved the area and stop and visit during our trek to and from Ca. In 2008 it was announced that a temple would be built in the Gila Valley, the area where Safford is. We said we wanted to go and were waiting to hear when the open house would be. The temples are sacred places of worship and after they are dedicated, only members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that are worthy may enter. Before they are dedicated the temple is open to the public to come in and anyone can come in and see and learn all about what temples are for. We had hoped that the open house would be when there was a break in the kids school schedule but of course, no such luck. We decided the last weekend in April was the only time we would be able to go. We left Thurs afternoon, drove part way and then arrived Fri. afternoon. We actually went to the open house on Sat. morning. The temple was just beautiful, of course. We loved being able to see everything and are so grateful the temple is there for the people to enjoy and participate in the sacred ordinances. The peace and serenity inside reminds you of how sacred this building is, even before dedication. While it was a quick trip and lots of driving it was definitely worth it.

This is us at the back of the temple

At the front of the temple

The front facade of the temple.

Spring in texas

A sure sign of spring in Texas are the bluebonnets. We had quite a bit of moisture this year so they were beautiful. We usually head NW of us the first Sunday of April to see them. With it being Easter we didn't go until the 2nd week. We came across a huge field which was just gorgeous to see this carpet of purple flowers. We go with good friends and take turns taking pictures of our families. These are some that I took with my point and shoot. You can get the feeling of how beautiful they are.



Ken & I

April update

We are in the big end of year windup. This time of year is so crazy with all the activities going on. I am already behind on May so I thought I would do a quick update on some of our activities for April.

Taylor had the opportunity to baptize a boy in our ward. His father had been given the opportunity when he was a priest and so he wanted to pay it forward. It was a great experience for Taylor and wonderful as a parent to see him use the priesthood to bless others.

The youth at church had a "Decade Dinner" where different age groups dressed up in attire from various decades. Ken had the 50's, Paige the 60's and Taylor the 80's. I got them just before they headed out the door. They had a great time and even learned some dances from the eras.

Senior prom 2010-Taylor and his date before heading off to the dance. they got a limo they shared with two other couples. It was held downtown at the Houston Club and they said it was pretty fun. I can't believe my boy is so grown up and when I see him all spiffed out he looks like such a handsome man.

Lexi and safety patrol. The 5th graders are chosen at school to spend 6 wks as part of safety patrol. they help with morning arrival and afternoon dismissal by opening car doors of car riders. They put up the flags and help maintain order in the hall at dismissal. Lexi's job was flags-I was very impressed with the respect she and the other students handled their responsibility with.

Taylor got a new job. He is working concessions at the local multiplex theater. He has only worked a few times but enjoys it so far.