Thursday, June 24, 2010

Taylor's high school graduation

Taylor with his graduation cake. The balloons behind him give the appearance of him wearing the mortar board.

Taylor's graduation was the very last graduation of the school district. Sunday, June 5th at 7:00 p.m. -yes, a horrible time. Since we had all afternoon to wait we did our graduation dinner then with family and friends. We appreciate everyone that was able to be there and support Taylor in this special time in his life.

I know it's hard to read because of the brightness of the lights but it says Welcome to 2010 Mayde Creek Commencement.

The 2010 senior class of Mayde Creek High School

Taylor lined up to receive his diploma. Notice the big grin, he was ready!!!

Our family tradition is when you come out of commencement you are attacked by family members with silly string. I think Taylor got it good!!!! The lighting is so bad because it was dark. It was about 9:00 p.m. by the time we were done.

Everyone there to congratulate Taylor. thanks for being there. It was nasty and muggy out after getting a brief rain shower. I had gotten the lei for Taylor with green and white orchids. It was beautiful.

Taylor with just a few remnants of the silly string

The Torbit family-one, so proud of Taylor. Way to go and remember this is really the beginning not just the end.

Our proud senior.

Mission update

From Nov 2009-beginning of April 2010 Jordan was serving his mission in the Hemet area. I had posted pictures with his 1st companion-Elder Dunn. He had a new comp-Elder Dalton transferred in mid-January. this was the longest he had ever served in one area. He really loved the people and was able to teach many about the gospel.

This is his mission zone attending the Redlands temple. Jordan is in the front, second from the left.

Jordan and his companion Elder Dalton with a young lady they taught and were able to baptize. She overcame a lot of opposition and was strong in her testimony.

The beginning of April Jordan was transferred to Beaumont, CA. We laugh that it's the "other" Beaumont, on the other end of I-10. He has enjoyed this area and his companion is elder Clement. He celebrated his 21st birthday there. This is a tradition of ours that you put all your birthday gifts on the couch and hold up the fingers for how old you are. It's a trick that helps me out with sorting pictures. Since Jordan has actually exceeded the necessary digits for this year we're doing the next best thing. Looks like he is set for breakfast for awhile.

Someone was kind enough to get him a toy-just what he needed. He is a Lego maniac, so he got some kind of spaceship kit.

You have to know Jordan to really understand why this picture is so funny. This is the little bags for when you're walking your dog and need to pick up their mess. They're called a "poopy pouch". Either you get it or you don't but I can't explain.

Monday, June 21, 2010

5th grade party

The last day of school was party time for the 5th graders. they got things going at the school with a water balloon fight between two classes that had won a contest on campus. The kids thought it was great to get each other and they were relatively in control. Notice the grey ominous clouds in the background, the threat of rain was putting a damper on the pool party for later in the day.

Lexi with her water balloons ready for retaliation.

The kids made sure their balloons were used wisely, causing as much soaking as possible
We did have a cloudburst right as school was letting out, but it cleared up and was perfect for the 5th grade pool party. It was the 1st time we had done one with this school and I would say it was a great success. Much easier that trying to entertain them in the school gym. There was plenty of food, music and water, which is a must outside in Houston. Congratulations Class of 2017, good luck in Jr. high.
Lexi and her buddies. Unfortunately the sun was so bright and I snapped the picture before everyone opened their eyes.

Everyone having fun to "Party on the USA"

I actually got a picture with Lexi at the background one of the mom's had painted. I have loved being part of my kid's "school life" and enjoyed volunteering in whatever way I can.

Last day of school

Every morning I would drop the girls off across from the front of the school so I got one last picture of the three of them together. We figured out that they will never go to the same school together again.

Lexi before leaving for the last day of 5th grade

Paige before heading to the end of 7th grade

I actually got Taylor to cooperate for this one. It was the last day he had to be on campus as a senior. He exempted all his finals so he was done a week before everyone else. It's been years since I have a picture of him in front of his school. Adios high school.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Awards time

The end of the school year is award and banquet time. With the three kids and their activities it seemed like there was something at least once a week. It's nice to see them recognized for the hard work they put into their school and music.

Paige at the Spring jr. high band concert. She got an award for her solo in percussion for the UIL competition. The band director also awarded her a merit award for her overall contribution to the band.

Paige played tennis for the 1st time this year and she and her partner made the finals. They ended up with 3rd place, not to bad for beginners.

Paige was inducted into the National Jr. Honor Society. They had a nice ceremony and reception. They help with activities around the school and provide service in the community. She was chosen by maintaining a 3.5 GPA

High School Orchestra banquet. The seniors are honored at the annual banquet. One mom put together a nice slide show of the many activities and performances throughout the year and a
tribute to each individual senior. Taylor is 5th from the left. The conductor is 3rd from the left.

Paige also received some awards from her teachers in 7th grade. She received a PE award and science award.

I know it's almost impossible to read but Taylor's name is on the Honor roll list. It's on the right side just past 1/2 way down.

This was Taylor's last day of school and I was there helping with some Proj Grad things. I got him to point to his name on the honor roll list. He only did it because the halls were empty. He's not always cooperative when it comes to my desire to document life with a picture.

This is the only picture I got from Taylor's seminary graduation. This is the early morning bible study class that he took for the 4 yrs. of high school. They have a ceremony to congratulate the students for completing their studies and hand out diplomas. Taylor had to leave for work before everything was completely over, so I didn't get a picture with the diploma. I taught Taylor for the 1st 3 yrs. and this other lady taught this past year.

Lexi had her 5th grade awards ceremony at school. She received the gold presidential award. this is for maintaining a A average all year and for receiving commended on her state exams in all subjects. The 5th graders are tested in reading, math and science.

After the presidential awards and other special presentations each student is presented by their teacher and receives any awards she or other teachers have for them. Lexi also received awards in Reading, Citizenship, Music and Safety Patrol.