Friday, October 30, 2009

364 more days

As of yesterday 10.29.09 Jordan has been on his mission for 1 yr. It's hard to believe the year has already gone by. I would love to show a recent picture but he hasn't sent any. I'm working on that. It is wonderful to hear from him each week and about the missionary work he is doing in the Temecula area. He is busy teaching quite a few people and got to be part of the baptism of a family that he started teaching in Moreno Valley. It's amazing what the Lord can do to accomplish His work through the missionary program. We are so grateful for Jordan's example and willingness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rockets opening game

A couple of weeks ago Ken's boss asked if we wanted two tickets to the Houston Rockets opening game. They were playing the Milwaukee Bucks. We figured they would be pretty good, considering the circles he operates in. We got the tickets and they were in row B, not a number. If you look at the angle of the pictures you see that it not looking down on the game. We got 2nd row, on the floor seats. That was for the 1st half. For the second half Ken's boss gave us their tickets which were in the front row. Very exciting. It makes the game that much more exciting when you're that close to the game. Now if we could just do without the Power dancers... Unfortunately the Rockets lost by 2 but it was a great game.

Taylor's new job

For the past several years Taylor's main source of income has been mowing lawns and doing odd jobs for people. He is hard worker and does a great job, but those jobs are not consistent with the spending habits of a teenager. With the recommendation of a teacher from school he was able to get a interview. He got the job and now is an employee at Hobby Lobby. This is a arts & craft store-kind of like Michael's but much more extensive. He is a broom pusher, cart collector and trash dumper but it pays pretty well and he doesn't have to work in the heat and rain. He is learning the laws of the retail jungle which are "totally stupid" to him sometimes. He does like it when payday rolls around, it helps to balance the frustrations of being part of the working world.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Fest

At the local community college there was a fall festival. I should have remembered that anything that is free is usually crazy crowded. This was no exception. We passed on the rock climbing wall and moonwalks because of the huge lines but the girls did agree to a photo op and some face painting. It was one of our 1st cool days so it was actually pleasant to walk around.

Paige had just gotten her itouch so she was continually "plugged in"

Ken's dream ride

Ken has always been a car nut and hopes to one day own a sports car. He has been particularly coveting the Camaro since Chevy brought it back into production. Recently he needed to rent a car to come home from a trip and decided to make sure he had a ride to enjoy. He LOVED it!!!!! I don't know if it was a good thing to have had it for a weekend and then give it back, but it was fun while it lasted. I think he liked all the envious looks from other drivers checking out his ride.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paige & band showcase

Paige is in symphonic band this year and is enjoying it much more. We're past all the beginner stuff and moving on. At the beginning of the month there was a band showcase at the high school with the two junior highs that feed into the high school all performing. Paige was very excited because she had parts in both songs. In the 1st song she played the marimba She is right there in the front just to the left of the speaker.

And for the 2nd song she had the bass drum. I think the drum was as big as she is. Anyone who watches high school football will recognize the tune. Sorry that it cuts off but Ken has the full performance on the video camera if you really want to see it. This was the high school and both junior highs performing. It was great!!