Friday, May 4, 2012

Feb 2012

Can I just say how much I hate the learning curve for electronics.  Just when you figure something out they go and change it.  I finally sit down to catch up the blog and I have to figure out how to do a post.  Frustrating!!! Any way, Here's some of the happenings in February.

Lexi participated in Solo/Ensemble for the school district.  The students learn a piece either by themselves or with a small group and then are judged on their performance.  Lexi did a solo and got a 1 on it.  The smaller the number the better.  The judges comments were that Lexi was very good on her timing and managed tricky finger work. 

 February was a very expensive month for us.  It was time for my car to renew it's inspection and it needed a new catalytic converter.  You know, that little check engine light?  It's been on for months for this issue, since the inspection was up it was time for Ken to take care of it.  It was also a time for Taylor to learn about replacing it.  This is the two mechanics after removing the old converter.  Gotta have some fun with a nasty job.
 this is a great shot of the learning experience.  It's times like this that I'm so glad Ken can share his expertise with our kids and teach them helpful skills.  Ken has saved us thousands on car repairs and hopefully our boys can take care of their vehicles when the time comes.  Taylor seems to enjoy the process more than Jordan.
The first fruits of our garden.  I have tried to be a successful gardener and haven't had much luck.  I decided to try something different and plant some fall vegetables.  The cauliflower was the only thing that worked out but you can see it was beautiful, as well as delicious.  I just wish the plant produced more that one head/plant.  I will remember that next year and put in more plants.  We loved eating the fresh cauliflower.

 One of our other expenses of the month was Lexi's braces.  OUR LAST ONE!!!!!  I don't even want to think about what we could buy with the money we've spent on braces, but all our kids have beautiful straight smiles.  Lexi was very excited to get the braces on.  We have been very please with our orthodontist and his office is very kid oriented.  He rewards the kids for good grades, wearing special appliances, cleaning, regular dental check ups etc.

this is Lexi before
 with the assistant that will take care of regular appointments

 A week late Lexi had to have a expander put in.  Because of the finger sucking in her early days Lexi caused the palate to be narrowed.  Each day for 20 days we had to turn the metal thing in the middle to open up the palate.  Lexi's was blue sparkly.

This is the after.  While she is smiling there is the beginning of pain in that look.  Her excitement was somewhat dimished by the reality that there was pain involved in the beauty.

Lexi played basketball for her jr. high team.  She is #21 there on the left.  The girls did a pretty good job and learned a lot.

 At the end of the month the girls had a special program for the Young Women to welcome all the girls that would be turning 12 in 2012 and to introduce the yearly theme.  Paige was involved in helping organize the night.  The program was very nice and the girls sang a beautiful song.  Paige and Lexi with their reminders to "Arise and Shine Forth"

Paige with her BFF Quincy and their leaders in Young Women's