Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sea World

Right after getting back from Ca. it was Morgan's, Lexi's best friend, birthday. Her family invited us to go to Sea World in San Antonio to celebrate. We hadn't been since Lexi was about 2 yrs old and we had a great time. Luckily there was a cloud cover most of the day, but it was still pretty hot and humid. The shows were fantastic and the kids went on a few rides. Lexi was on a ride and they noticed her cast just before starting and made her get off. Big bummer! The girls thought the waterski show was great. It was all the dancing and singing from the land part of the show. This is with the cast.

Being able to feed and touch the dolphins was really neat. The kids each got a sardine to give the dolphins and those dolphins know when you really have food or if you're trying to just psych them out.
Taylor found a sword some poor child dropped behind a large fence. Taylor was able to reach behind and get it and proceeded to bug us with it the rest of the day.

Ken and I before the Rio Loco. Just before the last show of the day we decided to go on this ride. It looked tame enough but as we were walking up I was noticing that the people leaving were very wet. It's one of the round raft with 6 chairs all facing the middle. You meander down this river, a bit bumpy but not too bad. Then there is this waterfall. Just before the waterfall the raft rotates so both Ken and I are directly doused. This is not kind of or, slightly wet, but downright soaking wet. I couldn't believe after staying dry all day I was sopping wet. As we were getting off we saw there was no line so we got back on. Of course, second time around we got hit again. Next time we go 1-I'm wearing a bathing suit, 2-I go on the Rio Loco first.

The end of the day with both our families. We hot and tired but had a great time. Happy 10th birthday Morgan.


The beginning of May I got an invitation in the mail for a surprise 40th birthday party for my sister that lives in Cali. I thought how fun it would be to go but dismissed the idea due to cost, logistics, time etc. But I couldn't let the idea get away. I talked to my other sister that lives here in Texas about going and we even found good airline tickets. Unfortunately we didn't act quickly enough and the cheap seats were gone when we went to cement the plan. Thanks to our respective hubbies we got tickets and decided that we would be her surprise. We let our other sister in on it, (she needed to pick us up from the airport) and flew in for the surprise. Heather (the 40 year old) is a big sneak and knew something was up, but she didn't know everything. Amy and I hid around the corner of the house during the initial "SURPRISE", then we came out. It was great!!!!! As you can see the family waterworks were in full force.

Heather and her awesome husband Rob, the event planner. He did a great job with the food and all the festivities. The grin is relief from having to keep the secret.

The birthday girl and her cake. She doesn't look a day over 39.

The four sister together-that's in age order. It was a fantastic weekend and I am so grateful the Ken was willing to give up his free ticket for me to be there. We missed having my parents there, but knew their hearts were there with us. It's been awhile since the four of us have been together. It was great to visit, eat, relax, and spend time together. We had a great time with our Aunt Mary Jane and cousin Cat also. I'm so glad that we were able to celebrate Heather's special day with her and her family.

One of my treats was lunch at a favorite. We don't have Baja Fresh around here anymore-the closest one was in Austin so it's a stop when we're in Cali. It's the best around.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girl Scout Day Camp

For the past 4 years the girls and I have been participating in a local Girl Scout Day Camp. They are held throughout the city, the one by us is a local park that lets us come and take over for the week M-F from 9-2:30. When we got started I didn't realize that I would be right in the midst of it all but it has been a great time for all of us. This year was different because Paige was old enough to be a PA-program aide. Instead of attending for herself she is a youth leader with a unit and helping the girls in her unit with their activities. She chose to be with a Daisy unit-5-6 yr olds. It is always very hot but we try to keep cool with lots of water/ice which is what my job is. Lexi is already looking forward to when she gets to be a PA and she already has her camp name-cowgirl.

Each unit gets a EZ-up for some shade. The girls keep all their things in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid which is also their seat. We had 14 units with 10-14 girls in each unit.

Paige with her bucket with her camp name of Starburst on it. The PA's real names are a secret throughout the week and Fri. at skit time is when their names are revealed.

The girls participate in many camp activities rotating through them each day. Lexi was a bit hindered with the cast but still got in there and did what she could. Knots were frustrating with only one hand.

A favorite pasttime is snocones. Paige cooling off with the other PA in her unit and some of her girls.

Lexi at crafts.

The old schoolyard games are still the favorite. Red Rover was at the top this year

Paige helping one of her girls get her life jacket on. It didn't take long for Paige to realize how much work it was to get little ones ready and going in the right direction. A lesson for a future mother.

Paige was a bit apprehensive about being the one in charge on the canoe. Especially when the breeze picks up and makes it hard to get to where you want to be. She did great and got them all back to shore. This lake also has fishing and is open to the public so the girls had to be careful to stay out of fishing lines.

Lexi didn't really get to participate a lot in archery, obviously. The leader in charge was willing to help her pull the string as she aimed the bow. She made a bullseye-1st time. They get a special mark on their shirt showing their accomplishment.

My camp name is Ice Queen and this is why. Every morning we stop at Sam's Club and load up with ice before heading to camp. Usually about 16-20# bags. I take care of filling 5 gal jugs with ice water and keeping them filled around the camp throughout the day. I also do snocones in the afternoon. About 250 each day. This is lots of fun and the other mom and I have a great time. Anything to stay cool.

Joy and I working the sno cones. We had some PA's help this year, they quickly learned that it can be very messy also with the flavor juice not always squirting into the cup.

The last day of camp is wet and wild. We bring in inflatables with water and the girls wear their bathing suits. It's a fun wrap up to a awesome week. Paige and Lexi racing on the giant slip and slide inflatable.

After lunch it's time for skits/awards. Each unit does a skit-which usually involves water and dousing the director. Paige helped her girls and Lexi was one of those with the water.

We had a great time and are completely exhausted by the end of the week. Luckily there is a whole year before we do it again.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cast #2

The day after school was out it was back to the Orthopedic to see how the arm was doing. The nurse said that the purple cast was off, then x-rays. Lexi loved the few moments of freedom, but they were short lived. It was time for another cast. Being the fashionista that she is, Lexi decided on light blue this time-it matched more of her clothes. Another bonus, a new slate for people to sign. So another couple of weeks and we'll see from there

School awards

With the end of the school year comes the "Celebrations of learning" . It was very weird to be down to one child's awards program. Lexi did awesome in 4th grade. She had a teacher that really helped her to develop her writing and could even go with her personality. We will miss Ms. McKiernan but as a parent I am so grateful for the hours of time and teaching that she put in. Teaching is truly a labor of love. Lexi received awards for all A's all year, excellent citizenship, 3rd place for the 4th grade in accelerated reader, choir participation, and the bluebonnet award. Way to go Lexi

Reagan is here

Reagan was finally ready to leave her momma the end of May. We brought her home the 28th of May. Ken is crate training her, she does okay if she is put in late enough and gotten out early enough. That is Ken's thing-I did 4 children. She has already chosen her favorite spots to crash out, but it's dependent on where the shade is. She will even go for the rocks. We got her a freezer bone that she can lick to stay cool. She loves attention and is already keeping the kids entertained. She just needs to learn to stay out of my flower beds.