Friday, October 24, 2008

I actually did it!!!!!!!!

I have enjoyed many friends and family's blogs over the past several months. I have wanted to have one of our own since our family is spread out. I even had the title for awhile. I finally decided that I was going to do this before Jordan left and hopefully I will actually keep it "up to date" Of course, I need to figure out all the extras but I am just excited that I got something on the blog. I am so excited that it worked!!!!
This is Jordan with his new suit the day of his farewell at church. It's unbelieveable that 19 yrs have flown by and he is ready to leave. The bigger question is am I ready? Did I teach him everything that he needs to know? Will he make good decisions? Will he use his manners at the homes that eats at? Will he get along with his companion? Will he clean up after himself? Will he work hard? Will he teach with the Spirit? I'm sure that he will do great and be a wonderful missionary and I am so proud of the young man that he has become. I'm sure his mission will only strengthen him as he works hard and loves the people. There will be a empty place at the table but we will look forward to hearing of his experiences as he serves the Lord in Riverside California.