Friday, October 14, 2011

Denae and Joel's wedding

 The beginning of Sept we flew to California for a quick weekend to be there for my niece Denae and her fiance, Joel's wedding.  They were sealed in the Los Angeles temple.  We left Wed evening and got there in time to enjoy a bit of the the bridal shower, Thurs was a family dinner with both families, which is a lot of people and then they were married on Fri.  It was a beautiful day and we are so glad we were able to be together to support them and their families.  The beginning of forever for Denae and Joel.

Paige and Lexi waiting outside for the bride and groom to come out

The handsome guys, Ken, Taylor and Jordan

I even got everyone together for a family shot

The beautiful new bride and groom

Denae wanted a peacock feather theme for her reception.  The cake was a topsy turvy with the feathers and orchids.  

This was my sister's backyard where the reception was held.  It was very nice when the sun went down.  Very warm before that.  There was yummy taco bar, great music and of course wonderful family and friends to share the joy with.  Heather did a beautiful job planning all the details to make it great. 

For dessert Denae had a candy bar.  There were chinese take out containers that the guests could fill with their choice of goodies.  The hard part was keeping the kids from continually grazing so the other guest could enjoy also.

The girls and I at the reception.                                    This was Paige's turn at the guest book

 Before the open house the next day we had cousin pool time at Galante's.  The kids filled up the water weinie and it took them all to hold it up.  It was a quick but fun weekend

Paige in Marching band

Paige has been involved in the jr. high band for the past 3 yrs. playing percussion. With the start of high school comes marching band, YEAH!!! This is not just learn some music and play in the stands. The schools each have a 1/2 time show that is very intricate with movement of the band members in different formations with each music movement

As a percussionist Paige had many instruments to choose from but she is partial to the xylophone. She is actually playing the vibraphone for this marching band season. She had a special percussion camp the last of July and summer marching started Aug 1st. This is 6-8 hrs/day with a break midday. She may not have to march but she still had to stand in the 100+ degree heat and play. The commitment of these students is incredible. Going from jr high to high school has been a huge leap and it is amazing to watch the show these students put on. Paige was overwhelmed and never thought she could memorize all that music to begin with but now she plays it with no problem.

This is the kids outside practicing. Paige is on the far right by the black box.  The kids are not locked in, they practice in a student parking lot that is striped off like a football field so they know where to go for their part.  I'm on the outside so I don't distract Paige (that's her version of it)

Getting set for the 1st game.  The kids didn't have to wear their marching uniforms because it was still 100+ and the band directors didn't want to add heat exhaustion into the mix of everything.  Paige is front and center right below the drum major's stand.  She plays the 1st notes that start out the show.

This is a partial overview of the band.  Paige is on the silver vibraphone to the left of the drum major's stand. It's cooled off to the 80's so the kids where their uniform now.

This is Paige after an all day band competition.  After their performance the band boosters fed the kids and then it was more fun with a football game.  It  made for a very long and tiring day, for kids and parents alike

It has been really fun to see how much Paige is enjoying band.  She has gone from being tentative and unsure to very confident about what she is doing.  She has made lots of friends and hasn't even complained about the long practice hours and heat.  I look forward to the next 6 years-that's with both Paige and Lexi through high school

Monday, October 3, 2011

1st day of school

August 22, 2011 was the 1st day of school. Lexi in 7th grade and Paige starting high school in 9th. We do our traditional pictures out front. Both girls were excited with their new clothes, ready for a new exciting year. Paige had already been busy with marching band so she knew quite a few kids already. Lexi had gotten her schedule and gotten to check out the classes. Great things are to come!!



Our morning carpool