Saturday, January 14, 2012

December activities

We are back in business with the blog. I have actually downloaded December's photos and even figured out how to get them here, now let's just hope I can keep things going. December was of course full of all the wonderful festivities of the Christmas season. This is just some of the beginning of the month happenings.

The lights are one of my favorite things and so I like lots of them on my house. Jordan says were are a bit overboard but I like it. This was this year's display. I would love to do the roofline but Ken is not willing to risk life and limb to get a ladder that will reach that high. For now I have to be content for the lights around the perimeter of the lawn. My "JOY" was made by Ken.

This is the finished product on the tree. We were a bit lazy with the tree this year. I didn't even get the star on top. We started out alright getting it early, but then it sat outside, then in the stand and finally we got the ornaments and lights on it. At that point I just wanted the decorating done and the boxes put away. I think it's still pretty and we'll try again next year.

Every year the kids get a new ornament that is usually representative of something they were interested in that year. Paige's ornament was "Edward and Bella" of the Twilight saga. We'll see what she thinks of that 20 yrs from now.

Lexi is hanging one of our ornaments from our Disney adventure early in the year but her personal ornament was Rapunzel from Tangled. One of her favorite's.

Taylor looks wonderful but I had to catch him while I could. He was in the midst of car repairs and came in to wash his hands. His ornament was Spiderman. He loves Marvel and DC comics and this was perfect.

Jordan got a nod towards his love of Star Wars with a Hans Solo/Boba Fett ornament.

Taylor turned 20. Taylor has left behind the teen years but not necessarily moved into adult mode. He stills loves to skateboard, play xbox, hangout and tease his sisters. I think the proper saying is "boys may get older but they never grow up!!"

Last year that Taylor can use just his hands and feet to show how old he is.

One of our favorite traditions is to attend a local Christian church's "Journey to Bethlehem". This is a live nativity that you walk through as if you were part of the travelers making their way to Bethlehem when Jesus was born. We have been doing this for several years and it is a great way to focus on what the Christmas season is all about. Unfortunately Ken was gone the weekend the program was on but we went with good friends and enjoyed a wonderful time. They had to make some adjustments since we have had a burn ban in effect and they usually have pit fires in the ground along the path. They moved the program to the front of their property and had contained fires in metal fire pits above ground. They fires are usually a necessity for warmth, both for the travelers and the actors.

Both of the girls had their band Winter concerts. I love to hear the kids perform and it's always a great experience for them to perform for a large audience. Paige got to play the bells, bass drum and Timpani for their different numbers.

Getting the Christmas tree. We have always had a live tree and make the annual stop at Home Depot to pick it out. It's funny to look back on our pictures because some years we are bundled up and freezing and other years we are in shorts and t-shirts. The fun of winter in Texas, you never know exactly what you will get. This year Lexi took the camera so you can tell I was actually there. We really liked the shape of our tree, it was taller and not quite so full at the base.