Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taylor ordained a elder

Soon after Taylor graduated from high school he met with the bishop and stake president and was worthy to be advanced in the priesthood from Aaronic to Melchizedek. He was actually gone to Philmont scout ranch to begin with and then it took several weeks to get everyone at church at the same time. Finally Ken was able to ordain him the end of Sept.

Lexi and her bassoon

With starting jr. high Lexi has started playing the bassoon in the school band. It took quite a while to do the theory and learn the parts of her instrument. Finally she was able to put it all together and actually play notes. She has been very excited to learn to play and is always willing to show us what she has learned each day.

Paige's birthday

On Sept 16th Paige turned 14. Unbelievable that she is already that old. She is a beautiful young lady and is so excited to finally be 14. Since I was in Calif. it was up to Ken, Taylor and Lexi to make it a special day. Taylor and Lexi decorated her locker at school. Last year they wouldn't let her wear the birthday girl crown so we went for the birthday banner this year. For dinner she chose the restaurant to eat at. Then there was cake and ice cream. They did a great job and she had a great day. Happy Birthday Paige!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Mom

On Sept. 14th I got a call that I anticipated yet dreaded. My sister called and said my mom had had a stroke and I needed to come to Calif. This was not entirely surprising as her health has been declining in the past year and more so in the past 6 mos. She is relatively young-70, but has diabetes and hypertension. In March after some testing by a neurologist it was determined that she had already had two major strokes and had damage usually found in a woman much older than her. But this was worse than previous strokes. This stroke was in a major artery and had caused paralysis on the left side of the body. She can still speak and recognize people but is now confined to a hospital bed. She could not swallow at first but is now able to take liquid nourishment. After further MRIs, second opinions from neurologists at Cedars Sinai at UCLA, the doctors have determined that there is not anything else that can be done. As a family we have determined it is most important to make her comfortable and spend as much time as possible with her while we can. She is at home now under Hospice care.

I have been very blessed to have a great mom and am so thankful for our relationship. We have had our difference of opinions over trivial things but I have always known she has only wanted the best for me and was willing to support me in anyway she could. She is a incredible woman, always thinking of others, serving, and leading. She has been a great example in my life and I have always felt if I was 1/2 as good as her I am doing pretty good. One of the hardest part of all this is watching how my mother's body is not longer able to support her. She is able to participate in conversations and loves the visits from friends but can no longer do things for herself, fortunately she is free from any pain. I think that it is an opportunity for us to learn what true Christianity is, to be willing to serve unselfishly and love unconditionally.

I am grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ, to know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of each one of us and knows what we need and can handle. I am grateful to know that we are working to be able to return to His presence and know my mom will be blessed for the many things she has done here on this earth. I know her time left on earth is short but her example and testimony will live on through each of us. Her faith in God and love of family will be a legacy we will always remember. I'm sure a glorious reunion with loved ones awaits her. I love you mom!!

Astros game

On 9/11 we had the opportunity to go to the Houston Astros game thanks to a generous guy in our ward that works for the Astros. Ken was out of town so I took Taylor, Paige and Lexi and headed out. Since there were many friends from the ward it was nice to enjoy the game and great company. I don't have any pictures of Taylor since he was out and about cruising the stadium. Too bad the Astros lost, but it was a fun night.

The girls and I after the game

Paige with several of her good friends

Lexi and her best buddy Morgan