Saturday, February 28, 2009

Girl Scout cookies

Both Paige and Lexi are in girl scouts. Lexi is a Jr. and Paige a Cadette. This is Girl Scout Cookie time. The girls sold cookies in January and we have been delivering them for the past two weeks. Each troop also signs up to do cookie booths-where they sell cookies in front of local businesses. This past weekend each girl had a booth. Of course a cold front had come through and Lexi's was "freezing" That's in terms of Houston weather. It was windy and the adults tried to keep from having the boxes blow away while the girls practiced their salesmanship skills. We did pretty good. I think people felt extra sorry for us standing out in the wind and cold. Luckily Paige's booth was inside the mall. Her main concern was that someone from school might see her. Sound familiar mom? We also did well there. It's hard to resist a Thin Mint.

The Percussionist

Paige was complaining that I don't give equal space on the blog to both the boys and the girls so here's my attempt. Paige began playing percussion in the Mayde Creek Junior High band this fall. The kids have to try out to get into percussion so it was great that she made it. She's been doing really well and this was the first "real" performance. This was actually part of the high school performance. They had some well known percussionist Jeff Queen come and do a clinic and perform with the kids. It was very good and exciting to see how much she has progressed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

President's Day weekend in Nac.

the girls cousins after church

Taylor worn out after jumping on the tramp. Claire and Harrison are loving being able to climb all over him.

Look at those City slickers on the horses. It was lots of fun!

The kids had Fri Feb 13th and Mon the 16th off of school so we decided to head to Nacogdoches to visit my sister Amy and her family. On Sat. we took the kids to a ranch owned by some people in their ward to go horseback riding. Besides the walk around the ring at the Oil ranch Lexi had never been. Paige has had the chance to go horseback riding with Girl Scouts. Taylor decided that he didn't want to go so he hung with the little cousins. It was fun and a beautiful day to be out. We stayed until Sunday afternoon before heading back to Houston

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Monday is Jordan's preparation day-to do laundry, shop etc. We usually get a e-mail from him also. This past Mon. Feb. 9th we didn't hear from him. His companion-Elder Rose was going home and we thought maybe he was busy with the new comp. and getting things settled. On Tues. we got a e-mail. He was transferred at the same time. Jordan is now in a town called Banning. It is just down the freeway from Yucaipa. Same zone. In this area he is in what is called a home share. He and his companion live with members. His companion is from San Antonio. He was a bit bummed because he felt that they were really making progress with several of their investigators. I'm sure many of you who have served missions know that many times we plant the seeds, get them started and then move on. We'll be interested to hear more as he is settled. The rest of us are looking forward to a 4-day weekend. Yeah!!!!! We're heading to Nacogdoches to visit family. Enjoy!!