Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The faces of Taylor

Taylor is not always cooperative when it comes to picture taking. He has specialized in messing up family pics in the past with his funny faces. I kept trying to get a good picture of him and you can see his goofiness. But my persistence paid off. He is a handsome guy.

Paige's birthday

Paige got to extend her birthday this year. We did a family birthday on her actual birthday and then she had a party with her friends. Paige's birthday was on a Wed. so I went to the school the night before and decorated her locker. I decided to make sure it would be a special day from the start.

The inside of her locker-not much room for books.

The outside of her locker

We let the kids pick where they want to eat for their birthday. Paige's choice for the past several years has been Cracker Barrel. This is at dinner with a birthday phone call from family.

One of the rites of passage into teenagerhood, as a girl, is to get to wear make up. Personally I think it's way overrated, but I remember it's importance at the time. Paige was just as excited to get to this point. Our emphasis is on a light natural look.

Paige showing off her age and loot.

Paige had a spa/slumber party the weekend after her birthday with a few friends. We played a few games, got pampered and watched movies. A fun time for all of them.
One of the games was blindfolded make-up. It's pretty hilarious seeing the process & outcome.

The girls soaking their feet as part of their pedi. Thank goodness for a big tub.

As part of the facial they had face masks complete with soothing cucumbers for the eyes. They thought that was pretty funny. We played relaxing music and they chilled for a bit. Not too often can you get a group of girls this age to lay quiet.

They each made bath salts to take home as part of their goodies.

Paige with her spa girl cake.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paige is 13!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe my sweet Paigey Pie is 13. When I look at the pictures I wonder "where has the time gone"? Paige has been such a blessing in our family. She has been, for the most part, very sweet natured, a peacemaker and always nurturing. She is fun loving with just enough spunk to keep things lively. Paige is always looking out for others-she has even grown her hair out twice and donated it to Locks of Love. As parents we think she is beautiful both on the inside and out. Paige, we look forward to the many things that will come your way as you grow and become the woman Heavenly Father wants you to be

Paige at 1 week-it's all girly

6 months

1 yr.

Almost 2-I love this picture. She is playing with empty cans on the garage floor. Not very cleanly but the expression is priceless. The imp is showing

3 yrs.
5 yrs.

7 yrs.
9 yrs.

10 yrs.

11 yrs.

12 yrs.

almost 13

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st day of school

Every year the kids have their picture taken the 1st day of school. Taylor was excited that this is his last time. I was a bit sad. This is Lexi's last year in elementary school. It's weird to think that I am almost done with having children in elementary school. I've had someone in elementary for the past 16 years. Wow, how fast time flies. It's interesting the different approaches each child takes to the first day. The girls were getting all their supplies ready and picking out their outfits a week in advance. Taylor grabbed some paper and a pen to throw in his backpack the night before. He did choose a new shirt for the 1st day. They all look great and are ready for what the new year will bring.

Lexi-5th grade

Paige-7th grade


We are down to three.

New haircuts

Amongst all the preparations for school came haircut time. After swimming all summer everyone was ready for a new do.

Lexi got about 4 inches cut off. I know it doesn't look too different but I like it better.

Paige hadn't had her hair cut in awhile and wanted layers. It works easier when she is flat ironing it. I think she has too much curl to go this short but luckily she's not a Barbie doll and the hair will grow out some.

Ah, Taylor. He usually cuts his own hair with the clippers. He and a good friend decided to mess around with a new style before finishing the job. This was the result. It didn't last too long because he thought it was too much trouble to make it stand up and he couldn't lay down without messing it up. My low maintenance guy.