Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break

Time out for Women
My new flower bed-hopefully, it's going to take lots of work

the fine art of mixing concrete. There are many opinions as to what the correct consistency is.

Almost done.

The rodeo midway

The winner and her prize

We really looked forward to Spring Break-no schedule and no school. Yeah!!!! We started with a women's conference "Time out for Women" Great speakers and great music and a chance to recharge. On Mon we worked on our garden boxes (see post two down) and we dug out a space to put in a flower bed. Tues Ken and I helped one of the scouts in our troop with his Eagle Project. He was building a split rail fence between two buildings. Due to rain the mud was horrible, but everyone pitched in and he got most of it done in one day. On Wed we finished the garden boxes and then headed to the Houston Livestock show and rodeo. We just went to the Livestock portion. We went on the sky ride which took you in chair lifts over the rodeo. It was cool to see everything from that perspective. We checked out the AGventure area with lots of baby animals and Paige even won a stuffed animal at one of the games. We came home tired but enjoyed the day.

Camping at Huntsville State Park

Taylor and Harrison with some male bonding

Amy and Paige working on sand figures

The "dining room"-grab a chair!!!

Working on their casting skills

A park resident

Silly girls on a log

At the end of the week we headed to Huntsville State Park to meet up with Amy & John and many friends. It was nice to just relax and hang out. We did a few crafts, ate great food (Thanks Boyers and Knies) the kids participated in a fishing clinic and just took it easy. We did check out the local wildlife. A bit scary to be that close to a crocodile. We had perfect weather-chilly evenings and mornings and warm during the day. We even got to build a fire since we had gotten rain and the burn ban was lifted. And at the end we used confetti eggs to "encourage" the kids to help clean up the campsites. It's too bad reality and its schedule was waiting to start the next day.

The Garden

Over the years I have attempted to grow some vegatables. Mostly tomatoes, nothing like a fresh tomato sliced and a bit of salt. I have never been very successful. In fact that is Ken's joke every Spring. "Are you going to try tomatoes this year"? Well after seeing a friend's garden and remembering that my dad did grow boxes with great results, I decided to go for it. This way I don't have to try and deal with Texas clay. So here are our garden boxes. Ken built the frame from landscape timbers. We lined them with weedblock to keep the grass out and filled them with planting soil. The kids each got to pick what they wanted to have in the garden. (Better chances of help) We got some plants from seedlings and some we went to the seeds. We have 4 types of tomatoes (Paige & me), jalapenos (Taylor's choice), cucumbers(Lexi's), Orange bell pepper, squash, watermelon, carrots, corn and beans. So now we wait. We'll let you know how the garden grows.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pictures from the mission field

Jordan just sent us some pictures from both his 1st area and his current area in Banning. Thought I'd share some.

Visiting Big Falls in Banning National Forest on p-day

Elder Torbit and Elder Rose in front of the Redlands Temple

A cool shot of the Redlands Temple at night. I love the perspective.

Elder Torbit and Elder Aguilera (new companion) with his box of goodies from the Young Women in our ward

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Lexi

Happy Birthday our Lexi-Lou. You have been such a great blessing in our family. You are so full of life and ready for any new adventure. We never lack for drama or excitement. You are always quick with thanks and willing to help. You are the sweetest with hugs, kisses and special notes. Hope that your 10th is a great one. Love you!!!!!