Friday, March 9, 2012

Jan 2012

I was introduced to 5 guys burgers by my parents when they were on their mission in VA. They built a restaurant here in Katy a couple of years ago and we enjoy dinner there occasionally. It's the closest thing we have to In-n-Out burger in Houston. I decided to capture one of our trips there at the beginning of the year.

The kids love having their picture taken when they're eating. They are always so cooperative.


The long awaited day of braces removal. Paige looked forward to this for months. Love that beautiful smile!!!


Both girls take piano lessons and had a recital in Jan. Their teacher had a theme of classical music. It was really nice to hear each student perform no matter what their level of skill.

The girls and I went to a performance of Hairspray at a local high school. Many good friends were performing or participating in the music. This was after the show. One of the moments I just wanted to bottle and keep forever.

When we moved into our house Jordan's room was the 1st one painted. We never got around to finishing the bathroom though. I had a burst of energy to get it done. So here is the before and after. His room is a BYU theme with navy blue on two walls and golden brown on the other two. His sink area is directly off the bedroom so I continued the colors in there.